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Prezbo MiiIt’s another lazy Friday, and Bwog’s mind inevitably turns to the Wii, and a weekend of whiplash and wrist injuries. In that vein, we’re opening up a contest for the best Faculty Miis. Create one here, post the link in the comments, and we’ll award an exciting prize to the winner. And we’ll post the best several, so they can be downloaded onto your Wii, if you’re lucky enough to have one. (Bwog is not.)

Bwog tried its hand at creating a Bollinger. One-up us, we dare you.

UPDATE: The quality of some of your artistry, gentle readers, has really amazed us. Therefore, Bwog does declare an impromptu Mii contest. You have until 12 PM tomorrow to create a Columbia-affiliated (however vaguely) Mii. Link to your submission in the comments of this post. We’ll pick the best tomorrow afternoon and feature them in a separate post.



  1. !!!  

    the link doesnt work

  2. What happened  

    With financial aid? I thought an announcement was coming.

  3. I tried...  

    (sigh) definitely not David Helfand


  4. Stephen Schwelp

    Jeff Julian is a great professor. I think his Doctorate in Banter really gives him that special touch. I had him freshman year. I aced every test. He failed me. He sipped his hot Pepsi Cola, and simply said, "You're too good kid. I'm going to have to take you down. Hard."

    • concrete  

      and you can see how this principle can be applied to simple loads, such as BUILDINGS, more complicated varying load structures such as BRIDGES, AND even advanced aerodynamic applications such as SPACECRAFT!

  5. civil  

    what is with all the civil professor references

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