QuickSpec: Failure to Communicate Edition

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Cool Hand LukeAfter six months in Glasgow, arts columnist still assumes there’s bagpipes in everything.

No fair: Columbia students can love their bodies — or have eating disorders — just like everyone else!  

As it turns out, major declaration is not as dramatic as Harry Potter would lead you to believe.  

“Bullen said she thinks that the ‘giant letter B’ on her Barnard stationery is ‘stark and ugly. What does a big B mean? The big B is the big bitch.'”

As it turns out, when a story about Columbia and Israel is reported by the Sun, and their only source is a right-wing blog, that story is often a big pile of crap.

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  1. anonymous

    As opposed to stories from left-wing blog sources, which typically have even less of a basis in reality than big piles are crap...

  2. you missed one  

    bwog, keep up with current and important topics. seems like a reasonable look at columbia life. Unless you really do care about the barnard mascot...

    “I believe virtually everything I read, and I think that is what makes me more of a selective human than someone who doesn't believe anything.” - David St. Hubbins

  3. Anonymous  

    Excellent Cool Hand Luke reference.

  4. sick of Bwog

    As it turns out, left-wing blogs like this tend to self-righteously throw around accusations of bias while simultaneously revealing their own lack of objectivity.

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