Eugene Lang Boat beats Columbia Crew

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Do midterms have you down? Are you spending too much time at the Library? Need a change of scenery? Take a look here and see how and where those crazy kids downtown at the New School do their studying.   Yes.  Art school students definitely do have more fun.  Click here for specifics on the New School’s course and here for images  of Lang on the Hudson




  1. The links

    don't seem to be working. Anyhow, a quick google search turned up this:

    Looks like an interesting alternative to LitHum...

  2. What did McCain  

    sing when he was on the crew team?

    Row, row, row your vote!

  3. Update!

    Links are working!

  4. columbia 08  

    they have a course titled "How to Read the Chinese Novel." I mean the liberal arts, while entertaining and useful for proper cultivation, are bullshit, but such a course is way, way beyond that.

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