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We received many submissions in our first annual Mii-creation contest. The following represent the top of the class. Show your support by announcing your favorite in the comments. Winner gets to make a Mii of themselves for a Bwog post with the of title “CHAMPION.”

Representing SEAS: Associate Dean/reported life-ruiner Jack McGourty

Bwog’s (intellectual?) crush, English Professor Bruce Robbins

Soccer-enthusiast and economics lecturer Sunil Gulati

Roaree, the vaguely mirthful mascot

Columbia bonne homme Jeff Julian

Avian internet sensation Hawkmadinejad

Ahmadinejad inviting history professor Richard Bulliet

Post-colonial theorist and serious person Gayatri Spivak

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  1. Gulati  

    Hands-down. McGourty second.

  2. cupcake and friend  

    helfand is completely off.

  3. XJE  

    Hey Bwog, the second-last Mii is Bulliet, not Helfand.

  4. Gulati  

    Jeffery Julian second-place

  5. Alex Wienberg

    screw jeff Julian and fuck the jester.

  6. .....

    gulati DEFINITELY wins.

    bruce robbins looks nothing like bruce.

  7. i think  

    that the Richard Bulliet Wii is mislabled as Helfand.

  8. Hawkmadinejad

    with the human victim.

  9. hmm  

    1) gulati
    2) hawkmadinejad

  10. mcgourty  

    narrowly takes it over gulati

  11. bwog  

    you ought to put pictures up of the actual professors for comparison. i haven't had a class with any of these people.

  12. McGourty  

    But only if the Mii is revised to have his eyes half closed in true McGourty fashion.

  13. seas '9  

    McGourty is the clear winner!

  14. mlt  

    definitely gulati, the head size to body size ratio is perfect.

  15. GULATI  

    If the contest is about accuracy, GULATI WINS

  16. woh  

    hawkmadinejad = awesome

  17. hahaha  

    GULATI BY FAR. it looks exactly like him!

  18. psh  

    That looks nothing like Jeff Julian

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