If You Kant Beat Them…

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Still can’t wrap your head around the categorical imperative? The 2010 Class Council wants to feed your bodies and your minds at 10:30 tonight, according to an email from President AJ Pascua:

“Take a break from midterm cramming and enjoy free ice cream, toppings,

and CC study guides! Expect condensed versions on the writings of: Kant,

Rousseau, Smith, Olympe De Gouges, Frederick Douglass, Bentham, Marx,

Burke, Wollstonecraft, and Tocqueville. KANT Get Enough Sleep? will take

place THIS Sunday at 10:30pm on the ramps of Lerner. We will not be

emailing these study guides out after the study break so please come and

claim your copy!”


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  1. waste of my time  

    I actually waited 15 minutes for my generous teaspoon of ice cream, and ate it while realizing how useless the study guide is

  2. kant:  

    one sexay mofugga!

  3. apparently  

    rousseau is a nobel savage

  4. yet  

    when i make jokes like this i get booed in cc class.


  5. juicycampus  

    theres been a lot of talk about aj pascua on juicycampus

  6. student politics  

    seems to vacillate between substandard food/bad study guides and policing our morals/censoring the internet.

    when will it make up its mind?

  7. on finaid  

    Amount CCSC spends on study breaks / Number of CC students = amount of money we should not be paying in student life fees, or perhaps amount that should be paying for study breaks thrown by student groups (read: Colombia coffee = better).

  8. tobefair  

    sue yang probably wrote that study guide all by herself because people like AJ just want to sit back and do nothing, the study guide is actually pretty good at that. columbia kids just need to quite being such ingrates and get over themselves. yea CCSC sucks, but some of them work hard.

  9. AJ is great.  

    this juicycampus stuff is ridiculous! i dont understand why people are hating on AJ so much, he is one of the sweetest people on campus and is genuine in his kindness. I think those who are jealous of him are posting these false things. perhaps CCSC should block the site, just so we stop hating on one another so much. WHERE'S THE LOVE???

  10. Why do communists  

    do so well at school?

    They get good Marx!

  11. when

    When my girlfriend tried to treat me as a means I called her a stupid Kant.

  12. not sue yang  

    sue yang is freaking amazing. she sort of scares me, but she's hyper-capable.

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