A David Paterson Update

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Yesterday, Bwog expressed excitement that David Paterson–the black, legally blind, Columbia ’77 grad–will probably be sworn-in as New York state Governor within a day or two.

Which is all well and good, except Radar is reporting he has some (less adulterous) legal troubles of his own. Seems Paterson is currently being sued by a former white employee for discrimination after Paterson, according to the employee, fired him because of his race. 

Paterson, of course, is literally colorblind.  And pretty much regular blind, too. Bwog’s no legal expert, but this seems like a pretty good defense should this ever go to trial.



  1. Hans Spiro

    It gets better - the employee's a PHOTOGRAPHER.

  2. omg  

    oh man i love new york politics.

  3. bwog  

    to call your logic specious is to cast logic used by most political hacks with facetime on tv in a bad light.

  4. Anonymous  

    Blindness is no defense against racism. Ask any professor here!

    • colorblind

      It actually is the defense that he's currently using, believe it or not. I read that he does have some visual capacity, however, (most notably, the ability to recognize faces).

  5. Naive Columbian  

    There is no racism against white people! I hate white people! Fuck the Core!

  6. bwog

    blindness is a social construct, who're you to say this man isn't a racist just because he 'can't' distinguish visual things?

    Bwog are oppressive tools of Lee Bollinger's AmeriKKKa.

  7. umm... fyi  

    bwog is singular...

  8. this is a  

    WHITE issue is quite MINOR.

    There may be one person out there who gets that pun.

  9. the

    scary thing is that all of the camera puns are are from different IPs. you guys seriously just need to f-stop.

  10. you know what  

    i am sick and tired of all these new york politicians with their blind ambitions!!!!

  11. haha  

    i love you guys. awesome posts

  12. i think  

    we're all paying attention to hot shoe stories about spitzer when we really need to pay attention to the issues that lie in the darkrooms and go unnoticed!

  13. I'm sick of  

    all this bullshit...I wish we could just zoom past it.

  14. love it  

    every bwog comment should have puns relating to the issue at hand

  15. DHI  

    One time I tried to take a photograph but I forgot to put a roll of film in the camera.

  16. From  

    a white governor to a black governor....

    That's good, we needed some more contrast.

  17. i think  

    i love the depth of the field of puns that have been made in this post. they all have a very light, metered tone. a few, though, are not developed enough, and some make it seem like the commenter just wanted some exposure.

  18. meee  

    OK, OK, please, enough puns - we get the picture.

  19. This coverage  

    ...of spitzer has really saturated print media. While his negative qualities are the focal point, can’t we bring the good things he has done as governor into the foreground? If we don’t it’ll just keep enlarging until it blows-up and the only resolution will be for him to step-down.

  20. seriously  

    your lack of joie-de-vivre makes me shutter.

    but to everyone else, god this is such a kodak moment for bwog!

  21. meee  

    No, seriously, stop. You're all just rehashing the same old puns now. Come back once you get a flash of inspiration.

  22. Umm  

    What about David Paterson? I'm sick and tired of the way people reframe the issue in these comments.

    Snap out of it already!

  23. I think

    It's important for the media not to dodge this issue, it might come back later and burn them

  24. Americans

    are full of shit. Another life ruined.

  25. o yes  

    my high school photography teacher would be proud

  26. samrt guy  


  27. dude  

    you made my day!

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