Save the Williamsburg Animal Shelter!

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Adorable schoolchildren from Williamsburg… they’re just like us! Happening right now on College Walk, an elementary school class dressed in orange sashes and armed with colorful poster-board is protesting the closure of a Brooklyn animal shelter. 

Bwog approached the mini-strikers and remarked that Morningside Heights was pretty far from Williamsburg. They agreed. Why, then, were they choosing Columbia to stage their protest? And was this impromptu activism really a part of their grade school curriculum?

“The owner is our teacher’s friend!” yelled one.

They marched on.  

UPDATE 6:44 PM: Courtney Bender, mom to one of the mini-activists and associate professor of religion, explains that the kids weren’t from Brooklyn, they actually attend School at Columbia. It’s apparently just the animal shelter that is/was in Brooklyn. Also, the protest is part of an “independent projects week.” Apologies to Courtney Bender and the 4th grade class at School at Columbia. 

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  1. but  

    why the swords? they were all wielding swords. is this training grounds for PETA?

  2. Anonymous  

    The owner of Columbia or the animal shelter?

    Because I've met the owner of Columbia. That guy is a dick.

  3. Great

    "Why, then, were they choosing Columbia to stage their protest?"

    ANS: Because they heard that we allow some of the dimmest bulbs on campus to squat on our lawn while purporting to speak for the entire campus on issues that they don't fully comprehend without repercussion. While I wish these grad school activists no ill will I can't help but wish they decided not to come to CU to protest because they heard about how the NYPD was allowed on campus to nightstick the fucking shit out of a bunch of wastes of flesh and bone.

  4. Williamsburg  

    Damn hipsters! Bla bla bla.

  5. ???  

    shouldn't these kids be in school?

  6. hey kids

    try hunger striking.

    we'll probably pay for your animals to live w/f'ing cesar milan

  7. real Brooklynite  

    Ugh. I hate how hipster teachers & parents have ruined the public school system even more by indoctrinating their children to become stupid activists.

  8. Response to #3  

    ...then you'd better make sure the NYPD doesn't catch you.

  9. yarghhhh!!

    to the person who asked why they all had swords.
    They were doing traditional English longsword dancing! (I'm not kidding). I was really surprised to walk out of Dodge and see a bunch of eight year olds doing this. My dad used to be a sword dancer and well, it's not that common... Made me very happy, sword dancing is fun. And when you're not eight years old, the swords are actually made of metal. My dad used to get cut occasionally while dancing. The sashes they were wearing were a makeshift attempt at the traditional uniform.

  10. hmmm  

    Next generation of Columbians right here...we may have some future hunger strikers on our hands!

  11. and...

    these hunger strikers wont eat anything...

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