1. HAPPY!

    OH HOW HAPPY - How happy that makes me !


    Except that I still have work due tomorrow.

  3. 23939393  

    I have an essay due tomorrow that I have to start tonight, but that's one adorable Asian baby.

  4. 23939393+1  

    Actually, that baby will just grow up to be ugly like most of the Asians on campus. Kind of scary to think about.

  5. Oh noes!  

    Save the baby from the monkey eating its head!

    Happy Spring Break everyone!

  6. i like how  

    the picture is named top_10_cutest_asian_baby_faces_2.jpg.

    that means there are more. GIVE US MORE, BWOG.

  7. omg  

    that is so fucking cute.

  8. Awww  

    This makes me want to have an Asian baby.

  9. yesss

    My mom once forwarded me an e-mail with 10 fat Asian babies whose cheeks pretty much squashed out all their other features. Too cute.

    Thanks, Asian mom.

  10. awwwww  

    that is the cutest thing I've seen in a while! Thanks, BWOG!

  11. nyum nyum  

    I love fat baby cheeks — I just want to scoop this little cutie up and blow raspberries on his chubby, chubby cheeks.

    can anyone else tell that I'm no longer in school mode lol?

  12. that baby is a  

    HOT MESS. in a FIERCE way. Work it baby, work it.

  13. Caralain

    thank you bwog!!!
    This makes me so happy!!!
    I wish I could have asian babies..guess I'll have to steal 'em like angelina.
    welll...I guess I could have half asian babies!!

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