The Class that Never Will Be

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Careful perusal of the Bulletin has revealed that New York’s governor-in-waiting, David Paterson, is teaching a class here at his alma mater. Because he is employed part time by the state legislature, the class was not due to start until tomorrow. Bwog intuits that this has been canceled. Bad news for the SIPA students who had signed up to learn about Urban Planning & Charitable-Equitable Development! Sadly, only 17 people signed up for a course with a maximum enrollment of 40. Perhaps they couldn’t figure out how a blind professor would respond to a raised hand. Commenters are encouraged to find the joke that must be lurking in that last sentence.

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  1. columbian  

    What if canceling the class at such a low notice pushes someone below the minimum credits to graduate, be a full-time student, etc.? It's not like someone can join a new class to replace the missing one at this point.

  2. Awesome  

    Am I the only one who finds the idea of a blind person becoming governor of New York state pretty inspiring? His race probably didn't help him either.

  3. it's workable  

    to experience a blind (well, nearly) professor, take a class with Sidorsky. It's still good.

  4. Helen Keller

    I bet that course had no vision anyway.

  5. hea  

    Yea, Sidorsky is practically blind!

    when he does see your hand, he'll call on you and look in a completely different direction. Poor guy, he's been here for 50 years and now he stumbles around Hamilton. Hes still sharp as a tack though, very intertaining

  6. typo2  

    commentatORS not -ers

  7. 22222222  

    Sidorsky is awesome.

  8. Alum

    Way to go, Bwog -- blindness jokes are so tasteful. Editors are encouraged to find the sarcasm that must be lurking in that last sentence.

    • timmy

      You see, we learned something today. Yeah, sure, we laughed at Timmy, but what's wrong with laughter? Just because we laugh at something doesn't mean we don't care about it. Timmy made us smile, and playing made Timmy smile, so where was the harm in that? The people that are wrong are the ones that think people like Timmy should be "protected" and kept out of the public's eye. The cool thing about Timmy being in a band was that he was in your face, and you had to deal with him, whether you laughed or cried, or felt nothing. That's why Timmy rules!

    • Come on  

      Paterson shows a sense of humor about his own blindness, so why can't you?

      "When he [Paterson] mentions his disability, it's usually as a punch line. In 2006, he described Spitzer as the visionary and himself as the legislative technician, 'because I sure don't have the vision.'"
      -- 3/13/08 AP article

  9. sigh  

    I feel like the quality of writing in Bwog has gotten worse.

  10. also

    Paterson probably doesn't want to lend the perception that he's lost focus of the governorship already

  11. Henny Youngman

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