Spitzer Scandal Hits Home

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IN SANDWICH NEWS: Gothamist reports that Eisenberg’s has debuted its first Elliot Spitzer-themed lunch: the “Sandwich #9”, which is apparently just tongue on rye bread. Ew. How long until Hammy’s follows up with the “Ashley Alexandra” — chicken salad, tuna, melted cheese, a failed musical career and some serious issues? (Note: This is the best joke Bwog has at this time.)

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  1. give me

    a lewinsky over an ashley alexandra any day.

  2. why  

    for the love of God, Bwog, are you attempting these jokes? Making a bad joke and then commenting on how bad it is doesn't make it any better.

    this is getting really, really tired.

  3. Screw you Assholes

    Thanks a lot for wrecking Spitzer's career. He is one of the most competent politicians in America, he could have potentially served this country well, you hypocrite cocksuckers! All our presidents and politicians the world over engage in this sort of behavior, who gives a rat's ass? You dumb bastards. Thanks a lot! It is not as if this nation were brimming full of capable politicians. BASTARDSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  4. A combination  

    of sex and music almost as good as "Kristen" :

  5. An

    Ashley Alexandra sandwich will also set you back 4-5k.

  6. The Dupres

    Rare roast beef with a generous spritzing of mayonnaise, topped with extra melted swiss, and a large spicy bratwurst buried deep inside our special croissant will leave you with a burning sensation for days!
    In true New York fashion, taking out your wallet to pay for this magnificent meal might just get you shot 41 times. Better hope the guy behind you didn't order an NYPD!

  7. AGG

    The Ashley Alexandra comes with mystery sauce, different each time, so you'll never know if you're gonna Spitzer swallow.

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