AdHoc: Throwback Edition

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Because of self-described “logistical complications”, the Winter 2007 edition of
AdHoc could not be printed in Winter 2007. It is, however, now available online.

Winter 2007, how we’ve missed thee! It seems like only yesterday that…

…tents (and one especially hungry sea creature) were set up on the lawn

…a doodle unable to be undid was scribbled in SIPA

…there was also a second kind of graffiti 

…the future of a certain stretch of land was uncertain

…Bwog was Googling around for the plural of “noose.”

…the Met celebrated dead white men. 



  1. video

    Interesting video filmed by physics grad students (?) in Pupin.

  2. Jena 666

    Well, when the TV is full of Al Sharpton this and Jessie Jackson that, real racial incidents can and will slip through the cracks. Maybe if the witch hunt of Don Imus hadn't taken up so much bandwidth and them Duke boys had been guilty, there would have been more space in the ever-narrowing national attention span for the Jena 6. As is, they're probably the first identifiable victims of Sharpton's incessant 24/7 cry of Wolf.

  3. Bwog Should...

    Do an interesting piece, like a feature on the new Super Smash Bros Game... that would be quite interesting, and the game is probably the best thing for procrastination since masturbation.

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