Catching Up with the Subway Hero

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As we reported earlier, last week, a Columbia facilities employee jumped three tracks to save a man who had fallen off the subway platform. (Though apparently, the fallen man had fallen due to drunkenness, and not a stroke.) The facilities worked is Veeramuthu Kalimuthu (known as Kali), and his story has since been picked up by Gawker, WCBS, and the Drudge Report. You can watch WCBS’ interview here, by clicking on the “Watercooler” on the right.

Remember how we also reported that he had gone back and jumped over the rails to get back to the other side of the subway? According to WCBS, it was so that he could get back home to his wife and kids. (Aw!)

Kali for class speaker! 

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  1. Anonymous

    This man is very nice.


    comma splice in the lead.

  3. I read

    the headline and thought Jared moved into the neighborhood.

  4. no snark

    from me for once...way to go V

  5. yea

    that fellow is a nice guy. seemed like one of the more competent facilities type. i think he was the one who actually fixed the power when my suite was in the dark for a day.

    give him a bonus or something.

  6. hmm  

    Won't he get a medal at the next State of the Union? I remember the last subway-hero did.

    • ...

      not to diminish the risk that this guy took to save a stranger, but i think there's a difference between lying on top of someone as a train speeds over you inches from your head and having enough time to hop across the entirety of the tracks, hoist a drunk guy up, and get all the way back before a single train comes by.

  7. ...  

    so i just got off the phone with joyce in medals and honors. she told me that subway incidents are considered "novel-discretionary", therefore they're only considered for honors once every five years or time constant of public memory, whichever comes first.

  8. See here  

    Amazing that the working class man has so much more nobility, character, and fidelity than 99% of the columbia population. Name a single Columbia student that would do the same that this brave gentleman, besides myself would. NONE. NOT A SINGLE ONE.

  9. dear bwog

    arrange a gift to be sent to this guy. seriously. have people submit things (gift cards or whatever)

  10. lolKali

    He's named after the Hindu goddess of death

  11. go kali

    how do you know he's not Sri Lankan or whatever? more importantly, why does it matter? why so proud of his national affiliation? i'm annoyed & stressed out about my to do list, so what better way to spend my time than quiz you about some nonsense...

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