Is Anyone Culpable?

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While some of us are still recovering from the first half of this semester, many of our more motivated, forward-thinking peers are already thinking about their fall classes (I know, I know). Hard to believe, but the course directory has already been updated with next year’s courses. 

Problem is, as many tipsters and readers have noticed, CULPA seems to be down. And without CULPA, there’s simply no way to tell the easiest way to fulfill your major cultures or math requirement. (Although, regarding the latter: it’s Intro. to Symbolic Logic). Anyway, the reason for CULPA’s flaky existence may be the site’s lack of a webmaster. In August 2007, CULPA announced that they would be looking for a new webmaster, as the old one had graduated the previous May. A tech-savvy tipster informs Bwog that it is his understanding that CULPA never found its webmaster, which explains why the site’s been down.

Bwog emailed Seth Berliner, the CC’ 08er in charge of CULPA, who explained that he isn’t sure what’s causing CULPA’s blankness. “Though I can tell you that it’s blank for me when I login to the site.  Also, we periodically have experienced technical problems this year, most of them related to an upgrade of our server, I believe.” 

Berliner explains that the CULPA team is working together to pinpoint what’s causing the blankness. Bwog will update with further developments.  

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  1. just a thought

    The page seems fine except for the parts that are generated from the database. Either the database was erased, or the login credentials were changed during the server upgrade.

    Check to make sure your scripts are using the right username & password.

  2. seth berliner  

    what a hottie.

  3. hmm  

    Since when is there a math requirement?

  4. no sequence  

    I could be wrong here but I doubt it. No sequence required; sequence only recommended.

  5. Yeah

    I took two easy but unrelated science classes, and my Degree Audit Report says that I've fulfilled the science requirement. Following a sequence isn't mandatory.

    • suggestions?  

      what were your easy science courses? I've already done science of psychology (cake)...i'd like to finish the req so i can focus on my real love, obscure poets of the late 1870s

      • surfaces and knots!

        or whatever that class is called. I think it's next in the "sequence" after symbolic logic (which I didn't take--stupidly took two awful anthro classes before I discovered the beauty of the knots). the prof teaches barefoot and you get to use colored pencils on your exam. I would take breaks from regular studying by my doing surfaces and knots hw. Probably the easiest course ever that's actually interesting.

      • Dunno

        Is McGorty still doing his weekly slideshow for football players on the evolution of the bicycle?

  6. whoa

    no one told me that Intro to Symbolic Logic was the way to I'm stuck in Calc! Well there's always P/D/F

  7. no no

    it's intro to statistical reasoning...with the professor (read ta)who starts the semester off with: i teach you math, you teach me english. this beautiful exchange of information results in a b+

  8. Shame  

    on all of you. Don't blame foreigners for taking away American jobs.

  9. Culpable  

    the CULPA admins have been pretty terrible...posting reviews late or not at all...and totally neglecting site maintenance. Seems like half of the instructors listed there are no longer at Columbia at all. Many more are misfiled.

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