Sarah Silverman is Magic

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Matt Damon-fucking
comedienne Sarah Silverman is coming to Lerner Hall! Silverman will be performing stand-up on May 9th to benefit Project ALS, an organization which benefits Lou Gerhig’s Disease research. Tickets are a minimum of $100 each (and $500 for a VIP ticket), so if you’re feeling really (really) generous, best to book early

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  1. $500?

    why? her jokes are just as unfunny up close

  2. definitely  

    not worth it.

  3. Atticus November

    Prezbo should introduce her.

  4. and  

    she should try not to make her unfunny "chink" jokes, lest more riots erupt.

  5. no wonder

    bwog thinks sarah silverman is magic...sarah silverman is number 52 on stuff white people like! it all makes sense now.

  6. PrezBo  

    should follow up his introduction to Ahmadinejad with one for her in a similar in vein. "Mrs. Silverman, you are a petty and poor comedian..."

  7. fdsaf

    sarah silverman gives me a gigantic boner with a yarmulke at the end.

  8. she  

    performed at my friend's school a while back and, even though everyone had paid for tickets to see her live, she simply played her movie "Jesus is Magic".

    Most of the audience walked out in protest.

    If she pulls that again at Columbia, that'll be a $100 movie ticket for a film that isn't that good.

  9. I wish

    I were Jimmy Kimmel. or Ben Affleck.

  10. Nope  

    You couldn't pay me to see her. Ok if you gave me like 20 bucks I'd see her, but that's the minimum.

  11. Poop jokes are funny  

    but not worth $100, obvi.

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