If You Ban It, They Will Come

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Gothamist is reporting that CCSC has just voted 25-12 in favor of banning Juicy Campus. The New York Post picked up the story too, and naturally sat down to speak with Matt Sanchez about the issue. “‘It’s like taking graffiti from a bathroom wall and showing it to the world,’ he said.”

And CCSC—despite the impossibility of actually doing so—has metaphorically knocked down that metaphoric bathroom wall.  

UPDATE 7:43 PM: Gothamist and New York Post did not fact check. At all. Bwog just got off the phone with Alidad Damooei, CCSC VP of Policy. Damooei—who has already gotten several worried phone calls about the fake news—claims that a mischievous tipster must have sent in a fake tip to Gothamist and the Post. Damooei explains that the discussion of a ban is “off the table.” 

April fools?

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  1. omg  

    I am light blue and love Michelle Diamond

  2. CCSC  

    CCSC never voted to ban any website

  3. ...

    this is rich. i'm not even going to say why, because anyone who isn't a fucking idiot knows why. i'm just going to take the opportunity to point out that this is rich. that is all.

  4. ...

    ok. this is now even more rich. braaavo anonymous tipster! that is the most awesome prank i've seen in a while!

  5. Weinberg....  

    are you up to your old tricks?

  6. Umm  

    Does CCSC even meet the Sunday night after spring break?

  7. so it

    looks like gothamist got the story from the post, once again echoing their longtime motto "all the news that fits to just make up off the top of our heads."

  8. hmm  

    I bet the "mischievous tipster" works for JuicyCampus. Brilliant free promotional stunt, no?

  9. Even Better

    On the Fox 5 News at 10pm last night they said it Juicy Campus was officially banned at CU. They also went on and on about how awful it is for like 10 minutes.

    Oh the things you can wake up to after you fall asleep attempting to watch the terribly unfunny "Unhitched".

  10. and...

    what about ESC and GSSC? dont they represent part of the student body too? and SGA?

    just that alone lets you know this is fake news

  11. Sanchez Lies

    "Matt Sanchez, a 37-year-old student working toward his second degree at Columbia, was berated for appearing in a porn video in the '90s."

    A porn video, more like 22 porn videos.

  12. Fact Checker

    Actually, Sanchez appears in 45 gay porn videos:

    All About Last Night (1994)
    Basketeers (2007)
    Beat Off Frenzy 1 (1994)
    Best of Anthony Gallo (1997)
    Best of Brad Stone (2007)
    Best of Dave Logan (1997)
    Best of Zak Spears (1996)
    Bi Conflict (1995)
    Biggest Dick in Town: Well Hung (2004)
    Built Tough (1995)
    Butt Crack Mountain (1999)
    Call of the Wild (1992)
    Colossal Cocks (2000)
    Come and Get It (1994)
    Conflict of Interest (1994)
    Dick Em Down (2007)
    Down On It (1994)
    Everybody Does It (1995)
    Forever Hold Your Piece 2 (1994)
    Glory Hole Hall of Fame 3 (1998)
    Guest Services (1995)
    Guys Who Swallow Cum (1997)
    Hardbody Video Magazine Issue 5 (1995)
    Hot Springs Orgy (1995)
    Hung Up (1995)
    Idol Country (1994)
    Jawbreaker (1995)
    Laid to Order (1993)
    Lunch Hour 2: Sweating Grease (1994)
    Man to Men (1995)
    Manticipation (1994)
    Meat Wave (2000)
    Montreal Men (1993)
    Northern Exposures (1993)
    Power Trip (1995)
    Secret Sex 2: The Sex Radicals (1994)
    Size Queens (1995)
    Southland Tails (2008)
    Spanish Hardon (1996)
    Taste of Leather 2 (1994)
    Tijuana Toilet Tramps (1994)
    Touched By An Anal (1997)
    Uncut Cocks (1997)
    Wet Dreams (1995)
    Woody’s (1994)

    In 43 of them, he appears under the stage name "Rod Majors," and in two of them he appears under the stage name "Pierre LaBranche."

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