Do you want housing next year?

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houseIn case you didn’t know, this is up on the Housing home page:

Online Registration for Room Selection begins on Tuesday, March 11 after 5:00pm. EVERYONE must fill out the first step of your application by Tuesday, March 25 at midnight.

So kids, as you are unpacking from long plane rides and sleeping through morning classes, get your housing app together!  Then you can play the waiting game.

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  1. !@#$  

    Bwog, I want a studio in Watt. You're making that probabilistically less likely.

  2. Adventure Nutsplash  

    How did you find that picture of my house?

  3. wha  

    watt is way overrated

  4. The App  

    This year is pretty bizarre, no? Why do they want to know - again - whether I am an introvert/extrovert? I want to know what they do for us to be paying an extra 5% for summer housing this year.

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