Free Pizza Party for the Ladies

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For the next four days, Barnard students (who provide proper documentation identifying themselves as such) will receive a medium 1 topping pizza from the Domino’s on 125th. 

Take note the hungry and budgeted amongst us: Now might be a good time to start dining with Barnard friends. Or making Barnard friends.

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  1. cyang  

    I can picture the line of Uggs leading to 125th street.

  2. wtf?  

    Was this sponsored by the Columbia girls in order to make the Barnard girls fat?

  3. yay!  

    this is the best news ever. I am so glad I have Barnard friends.

  4. I thought  

    the only thing Barnard Ladies get for free is strawberry shortcakes.

  5. Wow  

    Is this as vulgar as I think?


  6. well  

    i got the same e-mail for the same deal and i'm in the college. it sounds a little weird though.

  7. Anonymous  

    Yeah, I got the email too. And I'm not a girl.

    Does anyone have any confirmation of this strange email's legitimacy?

  8. it seems...  

    you must take part in a "student promotion" before you get your pizza.

    which probably means signing up for a credit card, or something equally ludicrous. this used to happen all the time at the jimmy johns by my old school.

    also, why is there no jimmy johns here!?


    IT'S A TRAP!

  10. if you  

    blow me, I'll buy you a slice. There's a student promotion for you.

  11. so...  

    ...has anyone gone? is it legit?

  12. barnard girl  

    i never got this email :(

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