My Oh Nine, My Oh My

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An anonymous tipster points Bwog in the direction of the website of CC ’09 class council hopefuls Colin Drummond, Jason Patinkin, and Colin Felsman.

The somewhat confusingly named “LE: MON Party” (Leadership Evolved: My Oh Nine) created the site to announce that they are running a paperless campaign in hopes of minimizing their “ecological footprint.” The site will eventually feature their candidate bios, their platform, and videos.

While their environmentalist efforts are certainly laudatory, CCSC campaigning does officially start tomorrow, not today. Though even if putting up the site does turn out to be a rules violation, lowering the team’s flyering maximum probably wouldn’t be too much of a setback.



  1. haha  

    I love how fashionable it has become to "lower one's _____ footprint". As if Columbia's gonna lower their paper order by whatever the postering limit is for a campaign

  2. i like it  

    It's pretty disgusting how much paper we waste on flyers... especially when people feel the need to put up 10 of the same flyer on the same bulletin board.

  3. oh9  

    Thanks to LEMON party we will see less obnoxious CCSC fliers around campus. You have my vote and my respect.

  4. EVIL  


  5. excellent  

    So everybody has decided to vote for these guys on the basis of their having fewer flyers than every other candidate. I guess it's consistent with the idea that Americans voted Bush, preferring to have a beer with him over the Dem candidate.

  6. internet  

    Oh come on, "confusingly" named? Bwog doesn't get the lemon party reference? Get back on the internet.

  7. I am  

    comment number nine.

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