…And We’re Back

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Some of you may have noticed the site was down for the last couple of hours. Apparently the downtime was due to something vague and apparently troublesome occurring with our sever.

But we’re here to assure you that we’re back and we apologize for the inconvenience. And not only that, we come bearing good news! Tipsters Alexandra Muhler and Josh Mathew inform us that two Columbia students–Nhu-y Ngo of Nebraska and Sarracina Davis Littlebird of New Mexico–and one Barnard student, Amanda Catherine MacLellan of New Hampshire–have just been awarded prestigious Truman Scholarships.





  1. alison  

    yay nhu-y! so deserving! :)

  2. ...  

    internet problems? who let michelle diamond into the room where they keep the "columbia server?"

  3. way to go  

    Sarracina! She's awesome!

  4. amanda maclellan

    totally rocks. congrats, amanda.

  5. aggoufosds  

    can we get better news items than this. yawn

  6. Fuck you Bwog!  

    How dare you experience downtime. When I need my fix, you be there; capiche?

  7. Amanda MacLellan

    "MacLellan." But thank you

  8. zhou  

    also, it's Nhu-Y, not Nhu-y.

  9. Well deserved  

    Go Cina and Nhu-Y, they are both very deserving of the award!

  10. Amanda MacLellan


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