CCSC Campaign Trail: Day 1

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Today we saw our share of CCSC election controversy, but the E-board race has not been stirred too much. 

electionNow that policy can be discussed, however, more substance has emerged from the Krebs and Damooei camps.  Damooei seems to have taken the lead in the multimedia department, already having released five videos on Youtube.  Expect a Krebs video later in the week.  There is a quick breakdown of some of the party priorities after the jump. 

Alidad (Connect Columbia)

  • Working to actively bring in student groups.
  • Revamp Lerner 6 for student space
  • Get satellite gyms for Shapiro and Broadway
  • Favorite HamDel sandwich: Grilled Cheese

George (Experience Columbia)

  • Increase transparency in CCSC by publishing meeting records and the funding process.
  • Reinvigorate CC spirit by spicing up Hamilton, CC’s flagship building.
  • Have a convenient student page (like UPenn’s) that accesses relevant pages for students.
  • Favorite HamDel sandwich: Grilled Chicken #5


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  1. look!  

    on connect columbia's site, the first item in their "hot off the presses" section is a piece about adil's rule violation. not wasting any time...

  2. Sadia  

    "Working to actively bring in student groups."

    That's really ambiguous.

    Also, I love the Experience Columbia Passport/CON+ACT idea - I know only a small number of our population even cares, but it's an actual tangible way to show student group support.

  3. Jeff Julian  


  4. It's funny  

    that Krebs ticket has the word experience in it (even if not meant in that way)since his ticket clearly has far less experience than Alidad's.

  5. admission

    I am favorably impressed.

  6. cyang  

    I disagree with both parties on the sandwich issue.

  7. god damnit

    that downtime was unacceptable.

    i was about to post my most brilliant comment ever, a witty quip about the races in starcraft, and how i always preferred protoss and terran over zerg.

    fuck. vanity of vanity. all is vanity.

  8. nice

    two more tickets straight out of the burger king kids club. just once i'd like a ticket of all asian males.

  9. dsfas  

    i heard that the penises of the two leaders (krebs and damooei) spiral into the sky and intertwine in a fiery ecstasy somewhere above 40,000 ft.

  10. Didn't  

    Alidad promise the same things on the One Columbia ticket last year? Shouldn't these things have been taken care of already?

  11. Eh...  

    #12, #17 -- I found it amusing. You're never too old for crude humor. (Right?)

  12. Anonymous  

    I am voting on the SERIOUS ISSUES in this election like the important and controversial topic of "whether or not you link to dirty Urban Dictionary entries from your website." I am not sure whether I think it is bad or good yet, but once I decide, I will feel STRONGLY and MY VOICE WILL BE HEARD!

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