2008 Class Day Speaker To Be Revealed at the ’Stend

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At 10:30PM tonight, at Havana Central at the West End, the bigwigs of the Class of 2008 will announce the seniors’ Class Day Speaker.

Last year, Ben Stein, CC’66, reportedly demanded a large cash sum, Barack Obama, CC’83, seemingly blew us off, and we ended up with Lost star Matthew Fox, CC’89, a controversial choice who nevertheless gave a well-received speech that poked fun at the controversy.

Who will it be this year? Bwog has no idea, but we are crossing our fingers for the usual announcement PowerPoint chock full of Comic Sans font and arena rock—we’ll help cart the projector into the West End.



  1. CC 07

    Matthew Fox was fabulous. I hope whoever it is this year takes notes on how to make a good speech(Fox) vs a bad one(Mccain).

  2. Another 07

    Agreed. I was one of the ones complaining loudly about Fox last year, but his speech ended up being perfect.

  3. ...  

    Whatever. Neda will rock whoever shows up.

  4. CC 08  

    We're going to end up with some random NGO employee that none of us save the council has ever heard of. I kust know it.

  5. Insider  

    It's going to be Ahmadinejad.

  6. video  

    no powerpoint; there will be a video directed by vice prez calvin sun that will reveal the speaker.

  7. Insider  

    It's going to be Hawkmadinejad.

  8. in the know  

    i heard it's mandi moore

  9. necromancy  

    alexander hamilton.

  10. Patriotic

    We lose. Princeton is hosting Steven Colbert

  11. I heard  

    that it's mandy moore.

  12. Elna  

    harvard has j.k. rowling

  13. insider

    it's NOT maschio!

  14. damn...  

    i wanted the todd.

  15. oh please

    fuck j.k. rowling.

    maybe since it is at the 'stend it will be either cuban, bar, or grill themed.

    my choices are thus raul castro, jack daniel, and/or george forman.



  17. Todd Everest  

    According to the political science department, it's going to be Hans Blix. I think it's not an awful choice, but I'm also not a senior. At least it's a political speaker, unlike last year.

  18. disappointed

    Hans Blix? That ineffectual pathetic moron?

  19. hans blix is not  

    bad at all. And Everest is an awesome last name.

  20. hercules rockefeller  

    THIS JUST IN: the class day speaker is max power.

    get ready to strap in and feel the g's, columbia!

  21. texted from 'stend  

    I heard Joel Klein. Whoever that is. Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education. woo hoo

  22. well

    Blix might be approriate for SIPA... if it were 2004.

    also, apparently Blix studied a bit at Columbia according to his bio. In what capacity is unclear although he was a "research graduate".

  23. well 3

    Oh Man! If Wikipedia is correct, then Klein must have graduated from Columbia in 1968! (Born 1946, HLS '71). 40th reunion speech? I'm just speculating since I wasnt at Havana.

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