1. Can I just say  

    As a color-blind Columbia student, I find the color-based human verification test highly problematic. It usually takes me three tries to post a comment. Any chance that you might be willing to reconsider it?
    My mother was colorblind--I had no chance.

  2. yes

    I never know whether it's purple or pink or lavender or fuschia or whatever. It saddens me.

    • Honesty  

      It took me like 2 years to figure out that it was purple. I would always just guess it wrong, and be asked to re-verify with a new color.

      Also, hating on SEAS? Do you not have any friends here at Columbia?

  3. I'm sorry Bwog  

    but I just don't buy the no snark thing. Maybe it is just me, but I find the whole spring thing here a little fake and depressing. I mean, one day, Columbia just plants all these flowers - doesn't it just seem like a sick, depressing comment on the artificiality of the whole place? I mean, it ties right in with the perfectly manicured lawns that we're barely allowed to go on.

    So, please, let's be snarky about this, so that I don't feel sad.

    p.s., I have the lavender color. purple?

  4. color test  

    could this pale color be yellow?

  5. lover not a hater  


    they brightened my day.

  6. suggestion  

    There are some captchas that use simple math problems to verify a human user.

    For example:
    "1 + 3 = ?"

    And you input 4.

    Even non-SEAS students could handle that.

  7. bah  

    SEAS don't actually want to do engineering, has people noticed that most of them end up going into finance and medicine? So if any of us were serious about engineering we probably wouldn't have chosen here.

  8. springer sprunger  

    I love the angle on that photo. I was in the library when I first saw it and actually went to the window expecting to see a field of violents where South Lawn's nasty tarp used to be. I was a little disappointed when this wasn't the case, but it was small little moment of wonder when I thought it might be the case. Thanks Bwog.

    • I, too  

      Was quite disappointed to not see a field of violents. I guess the closest we're gonna get was the crowd cramming to watch Ahmadinejad's speech. You know, someone in the middle of a large lecture ought to just stand up and shout "MORTAL KOMBAT!!!"

  9. 3423409823  

    I have always wondered this: Why is "human verification" necessary? What does it do? What does it prevent?

  10. oh my

    look at the pretty flowers! thank you zach. now back to the deadlines breathing down my neck...

  11. JMK

    A trick around the "capcha"? Right-click and go to view source. Find input type="text" name="captcha_response", and look at the RGB value. This completely defeats the purpose of CAPCHA, and it pisses off the colorblind students. Please change this?

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