Obama Delivers Speech at a University in the City of New York

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Tipster Rick Betita noticed that Barack Obama is in New York City today, delivering a speech about the  economy at—where else?—Cooper Union. Obama was introduced to the crowd by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

In the speech, Obama explained his rationale for visiting Cooper Union: “In a city of landmarks, we meet at Cooper Union, just uptown from Federal Hall, where George Washington took the oath of office as the first President of the United States.”

Also “uptown from Federal Hall?” A certain other university with which Obama might be vaguely familiar.

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  1. what do underpaid  

    staff at carvel and ben and jerry's form to get higher wages?

    scooper unions!

  2. Armin Rosen

    Obama's aides really should have done a better job prepping him: the Cooper Union is probably best known for hosting a pre-presidential Abraham Lincoln's landmark Cooper Union address:

  3. history guy  

    that is very true!

  4. Eric Foner  

    Well done, Mr. Rosen.

  5. ugh  

    slut, come to Columbia. Then I'll vote for you... maybe.

  6. ...  

    cooper union = free
    columbia = not free
    any questions?

  7. Don't care  

    Obama is all hype and won't win the presidency. The Democrats are too divided.

  8. Dear Barack  

    If you are ashamed of us, please stop advertising your undergrad degree. I'm sure Harvard law will do just fine.

  9. Oh, come on...  

    Obama is speaking at Penn State this weekend. Penn State. This doesn't sit well with me at all.

    • DHI  

      Why does it not sit will with you? Because the school is less prestigious? It has 43,000 students. It is also important to its students, especially in state because it is the best school with an affordable price tag. As an educational institution, it is more important than Columbia. It is also in a state with an upcoming primary. Obama's not in academia.

      • really?  

        "As an educational institution, it is more important than Columbia."

        let's not say things we can't take back.

        • Well,  

          he probably meant that in the context of the election.

          Frankly, I'm living somewhat of a hermetic existence here as well, and greatly looking forward to a change of pace wherever I choose to go for grad school. But I'm already telling myself that I'll always give Columbia credit, if for nothing else than for the experience it provides, and I'll be a regular donor even if I have a tough year and can only give $50.

          (I tell myself this now... but who knows if it'll still be true come graduation. Eek.)

        • DHI  

          Educational. Not research (although Penn State also has pretty good research). Nor alumni networking.

          I would say that a school that educates far more people, many of whom have fewer alternatives, is definitely more important than a school with a small advantage in educational quality. If Penn State disappeared, more students would be fucked than if Columbia disappeared. And the difference between a Columbia education and a Penn State education is much less than the difference between a Penn State education and an education at a college without the resources to offer a full catalogue of classes.

          Plus, earnings aren't all that different.

          Some valuation depends on how elitist you are, not in a pejorative sense but in the sense that you believe in an elite class of people who attend top institutions and contribute far more to society than others. Generally, though, large state universities with a good level of education, if not small class sizes, are extremely important for the country's infrastructure.

          Read this:

          Penn State is generally in the top five or ten. Cornell was in the top 10 but the smaller Ivies were generally down in the 50s or lower. I can't find the full list.

    • Hillary  

      That's probably because Pennsylvania's primary is on April 22nd, not because he wants to piss off Columbia students.

  10. typo  

    Hmm , didn't realize that Bloomberg was a major as well as the mayor.....

  11. Cooper  

    Well, as mentioned earlier, Lincoln did speak there. Nevertheless, his avoidance of Columbia is more than a little conspicuous.

  12. 1111111111112  

    Just forget about him and move on. If he doesn't like us, fine, we don't need him.

  13. I can

    totally understand why he has effectively disowned CU. This place stokes resentment like Barnard sucks cock...without a single notion of irony and often in public. The sad thing is that as overt a rebuke to
    CU as this is I feel that it will not register at all with the powers that be in Low.

  14. whatever

    screw Obama if he's so ashamed of Columbia to visit during his campaign. No matter how shitty his experience here was, I think it's totally bullshit he turns his back on the Columbia community. If I were a member of "Students for Obama" I'd go slit my wrists in anguish.

    Go Billary.

  15. I've heard  

    that he had a very questionable encounter during his time here. Possibly along the lines of a sexual harassment allegation. It would not be unlike Obama to avoid the chances of such a thing becoming public.

    • you have?

      Are you possibly the same individual who promulgated this rumor on Bwog a few months ago? I have never heard any such thing mentioned anywhere besides Bwog. Of course, Bob Novak suggested that there is a scandal of gigantic proportions lurking in the shadows, but he's far from a reputable source. I suspect the Clinton campaign would have publicly revealed this information long ago if it was supported by substantial evidence.

  16. the speech

    you obviously didn't watch Obama's speech today..he alluded to Lincoln's address immediately in the opening. it is also believed that Obama is waiting to be invited to speak at the harvard law's graduation and will then speak at columbia after.

  17. DHI  

    Okay, the Ivies didn't do as bad as I said, but Penn State still beats all of them:

  18. green

    me thinks, he feels mistreated...if he's indeed a slut, he'd be here to politic, but, michelle, he's displaying self-respect by shunning "us." that's a theory...anyway, what is w/ this groupist "us" business? obama doesn't know you; his slight is not personal.
    & i've met my share of unpleasant folks at this place, but if I ever have $$, I would donate – not 'cos of loyalties but 'cos I'd like to help make it easier for someone else to learn stuff. so I hope Obama's not just holding some petty grudge but hasa good reason to not wanna come out & playy...whatev. his reason, i hope he plays nice w/ billary because I expect more from him, despite max weber's warnings...
    why am i defending this man when i have more immediate things to attend to, like my stupid laptop that has been magically shutting off every 5 mins & might go any sec noww

  19. si se puede

    could it be a class/voter thing? Is Columbia irrelevant to his YES WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD AND LEARN TO LOVE AGAIN SAY IT WITH ME NOW campaign?

  20. Come on  

    Look, it's perfectly clear why he doesn't come to Columbia right now. He has upper-middle-class, educated voters in his pocket and is vying with Clinton for the support of blue-collar and lower-income voters. The last thing he needs right now is a photo-op that makes him look elitist.

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