Quickspec: Still Waiting Edition

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For people to learn the name of the chancellor of the largest school system in the country

For ’68 fever to wear off. Well, maybe the first event of the season is a little early for that.

For the end of journalism

For the epic flooding of Manhattan

For all of the above to seep in and dash this editorialist’s belief in “the basic decency of my fellow human beings”



  1. re:end of journalism  

    second time in the past few days that expletives have been used in the spec. woo!

  2. Editors  

    Yeah, did it ever occur to Spec editors that not every black person agrees with Christien? I mean, the article was actually kind of offensive, I think. Do they just print anything a columnist submits without any vetting?

  3. EAL  

    Quick question: Whose bright idea was it to give Chretien and (even worse) Anthony Kelley columns? Could they talk about something other than race for once? Especially Kelley, whose column of two days ago was basically a bizarre, irrational attack on all white people. There must be more qualified columnists out there than these two idiots.

  4. well  

    I disagree with the Spec editorial re: Class Day. It completely misses the mark. The editorial is based on the assumption that the restriction to people affiliated with Columbia speaking at class day is the root of the 'problem' of non-flashy class day speakers.

    A better question is why its so hard to get the many prominent Columbia grads to speak. If they're not coming, you're not going to get prominent non-Columbia grads either. It's not just Barack Obama. What about Paul Auster? Or is he too esoteric for you? Maybe many accomplished alumni are turned off by the ignorance and disdain shown by seniors (highlighted in the press last year thanks to the Bwog's atrociously bad decision to have a FRESHMEN author a whining screed) to selections. How do you think Tony Kushner, an accomplished celebrity in his own right when students complain they didnt really want him and only "settled" for him?

    Find out the real reason its hard to get the A-List speakers. Is it really the lack of an honorarium, etc?

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