Everybody Needs a Break

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Live from the State of the Planet conference, an anonymous tipster with photography skills leads us to believe that the event may be… less than scintillating.


Jeff Sachs reads the news and checks his email, after the jump. Slacking off on laptops during lectures — professors: they’re just like us!

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  1. excellent

    Great Candid Shots!

  2. cyborg sachs

    is just trying to trick you into buying his veil of humanity.

  3. hey.  

    what kind of camera is that?

    It's so clear!

  4. Anonymous  

    eww, jeffrey sachs uses a PC?? i totally had him pegged as a mac guy, like (it seems) most of his disciples. negative 5 cool points for the sachster.

    • DHI  

      Man that Mac guy in the commercials is such a tool.

    • ...  

      makese sense... apple puts form above function and ultimately ends up producing a lot of gadgets that pretty much live for a year or two and then head straight for the landfill.

    • red  

      It appears to be a Sony VAIO. Can't tell from the photo, but it's possible it's one of the ultraportables (10"-ish screen), in which case Apple doesn't have a laptop with a screen that small. Since I'd imagine Sachs travels a good amount, this laptop would make sense for him.

  5. digital rebel  

    maybe the anonymous tipster was lucky enough to be sitting at one of the VIP tables near the front...

  6. :-)  

    HAHAHA...awesome :-)

  7. iknow this is  

    astounding to you, but some of us PC users tried and ultimately don't like macs. Or maybe its the condescension of Mac users that tainted it. Shocking!

  8. random  

    What site does Sachs use for his e-mail? I can't make it out from the pics.

  9. sharpener

    it looks like yahoo news and some kind of earth institute email login. slackers

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