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In case you haven’t noticed,Columbia’s favorite red-tail has his (or her?) own Hawkmadinebwog! To show our affection, Bwog staffers have been writing haikus in honor of the best individual of Order Falconiformes. Ours are pretty good (see below) but we think you, dear readers and hawk fans, can do better. And since one of H-dad’s favorite things is contests, we’ll give a prize to the writer of his best poetic praise.


Haikus by Katie R., Zach vS and Anna C. after the jump!


like wind on early spring days,

ravages squirrels.

-Anna C.

For too long we were stooped

in complacency. Now, from the skies

something new descends, talons bared.

-Zach vS.

Sing Muse of Hawk’s rage:

Such was the wrath of one bird,

Breaker of Squirrels

-Katie R. 

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  1. scansion  

    does squirrels have two syllables?

  2. grammarian  

    the plural of haiku is haiku

  3. down a notch  

    Here's a good haiku
    I'll fly up and poop on you
    glide off on the breeze.

  4. alexw

    A hawk takes campus

    Via eminent domain

    Needs no approval

  5. epb  

    Rat torn asunder.

    You MAGNIFICENT bastard.

    Dive, you dread monster.

  6. another  

    Hawk, our Iron Chef
    Squirrel paella on math lawn
    Perfect score for taste

  7. DHI  

    Motherfucker done ate
    some squirrels and other shit
    which is cool i guess

  8. mine  

    This is my haiku
    This is my haiku for you
    That was my haiku.

  9. squirrel  

    fuck! the hawk sees me.
    i've got no time to finish
    this hai-

  10. alexw  

    Fuck yourself, Discoe

    You know you love that raptor

    Don't be nonchalant

  11. DHI  

    The bird is casual
    about its skill, grace, and power
    so we should be too

  12. alexw  

    They probably should

    We hijack so many threads

    Watch Jurassic Park?

  13. DHI  

    Here's the real truth though
    Sometimes I hate poetry
    that's over the top

  14. DHI  

    Also that "Arnold"

    Velociraptors ate him

    That girl found his arm

  15. alexw  

    "Click click" go the claws

    There's raptors in the kitchen

    A stainless steel tomb

  16. alexw  

    The gallimimus

    Predator gives chase in fields

    They're flocking this way

  17. DHI  

    Favorite comments score
    Two for me, zero for you
    looks like I win this

    FAY-VRIT is how to pronounce this word we are not in fucking ENGLAND

  18. alexw  

    Your haikus are weak

    One too many syllables

    Don't quit your day job

  19. DHI  

    They're favorites no more
    Cuz I'm so fucking modest
    My humility rules

    "They're" is pronounced "their" not "they-err"
    I am the child educator!
    Plus head amputator

  20. JNW  

    Circles in the sky

    Parabolas through the clouds

    Weightless wavelets

  21. ZvS Haiku Masta

    Scurrying back and forth, you
    seek truths from philosophers. But the hawk
    already knows the secrets of flavor.

  22. SRB  

    Iranian Hawk;
    cruel, petty aviator.
    No gays in his trees?

  23. Falconry  

    Juvenile killer
    Buteo jamaicensis
    Apprentice's dream

  24. love song  

    You have talons that
    pierce like the bow of Cupid.
    Oh, avian love.

  25. With apologies.  

    Oh, where will you be

    When the Revelation comes?

    (Pst. Think about Yeats.)

  26. Bloodsport  

    O Hawk from the skies!
    For nature-starved New Yorkers
    You bring carnal joy.

  27. Atticus November  

    Late submissions, so
    whatever. here they are for
    your reading. enjoy.

    O Plumed wonder bird
    How majestic is your flight
    You killed my parrot

    Fiery Tailed Bird
    Circling above our heads. SWOOP!

    Hi! You exhibit
    all the signs of a petty
    and cruel dictator

    O BWOG Comment Thread
    Your notes of wit and art, marred
    Discoe-Weinberg Battle

    Olympian God
    Somnambulatory joy
    shit, forgot hawk

    Feathers float around
    A pigeon falls from the skies
    Dead. Its life drained. GLORY!

  28. achilles  

    O furious hawk!
    During your aristeia
    Please don't claw my eyes

  29. Hawk Poem  

    Columbia, mine!
    I circle, I swoop, I eat
    I fly away home

  30. Poem  

    Hooked beak, beady eyes,
    Regal plumage, pigeon feasts:

  31. Anchises  

    Of the hawk I sing
    who headlong into the breach
    hurls fury and woe

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