Spotted: Girl Scouts and Their Cookies

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Bwog daily editor Hillary Busis sends the following tip our way:

“There are adorable Girl Scouts selling Thin Mints, Tagalongs, Samoas and shortbread cookies with a name I can’t remember [Trefoils!—Ed.] outside of the church on the corner of 114th and Broadway right now. $3.50 a box is a little steep, but worth it.”

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UPDATE, 5:20 PM: Blue & White publisher Maryam Parhizkar writes in with some sad news: “They’re all gone! But they’ll be back two Saturdays from now, and hopefully every Saturday onwards!” Time to mark April 12 on your calendars, everyone.



  1. sold out sadness  

    this sucks! I really wanted some delicious Samoas

  2. they're there their  


  3. grrr  

    all i wanted were some samoas

  4. so...

    james franco is enrolled in the mfa writing program for fall 2008.

  5. but

    how much for a girl scout's box?

  6. MEisFAT  

    I just want to eat SAMOAS!
    I am seriously depressed now. : (

  7. ...  

    once upon a time i was flat broke and lived off thin mints for 3 weeks. it was no good.

  8. you ain't broke  

    at $3 a box, you f***ing dilettante

  9. also,  

    unrelated but interesting:

    From the Girl Scout Cookies FAQ:

    Q: What are the sizes, quantities and prices of Girl Scout Cookies?

    A: Girl Scout Cookies are sold by weight, not by size or number. The number and size of cookies may vary by variety. The national Girl Scout organization, Girl Scouts of the USA, monitors the weights of the cookies, which are set by contract.

    Girl Scout Cookies sell for different prices in different areas of the country. Each of the 300 plus local Girl Scout councils has the right to set its own price based on its needs and knowledge of the local market. Today's prices, currently $2.50 to $4.00 per box, depending on location, reflect both the current cost of cookies and the realities of providing Girl Scout activities in an ever-changing economic environment.

  10. Claire

    Those Girl Scouts better be there tomorrow.

    *goes to set up a tent to be first in line for the cookies*

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