Week in Review: “Wait, Seriously?” Edition

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Several vendors
are giving away free pizza to Columbia/Barnard students? Oops – looks like the word free needs to be in quotation marks.

Joel WHO for Class Day Speaker?

Off-campus Flex is real? And, minus a few technical problems, it actually works?

Obama is still committed to visiting every single college in New York City except his Alma Mater?

A snark-free Bwog post can exist?

“Mayo should be spread on everything, including your face?”



  1. hey  

    bwog, Claire from America's Next Top Model this season went to Columbia

  2. Hillary  

    She graduated in 2004, according to her Myspace page. I'm not proud that I know this. As TV Editor of the Spec, I'm going to do all I can to interview her the second she gets kicked off (if she doesn't win the whole thing).

  3. OR...

    Or if Ivy Gate doesn't get to her first (see: Victoria, and I'm not proud that I know that either).

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