CCSC: The Mock Meta-Meeting

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Satow Room Bureau Chief  Martha Turewicz reports back from last night’s CCSC meetings. Spoiler alert: Calvin Sun and Lindsey Lazopoulos hotly debate a theoretical photograph of Michelle Diamond theoretically shotgunning a beer. 

The first thing I noticed at the meeting last night was that the audience was packed, since all the CCSC candidates were obligated to be there. Last time so many showed up was for the Great Juicy Campus Detente. Would tonight be just as interesting?

No, no it wouldn’t. The bulk of the meeting entailed providing an example for the candidates of the progression of a typical meeting—while  this was all very meta, a free speech debate it was not. This was not helped by the descent, during the last 20 minutes, into the bureaucratic depths of the constitutional review.

To be fair, there were a few bright points. For one, it was interesting to note the presence of previously unseen council reps, namely Max the Webmaster.

Another interesting newcomer (albeit a temporary presence) arrived in the form of Eleanor, CC’03 and student alumni chair of the Young Alumni Association. After concluding short Young Alumni presentation and walking back to her seat, she called out that nobody had commented on her ‘strategically worn’ Columbia sweatshirt.

There wasn’t really an appropriate response to this.

Eric Wang, speaking on behalf of the senior class during updates, mentioned the opportunity for seniors to submit photos of themselves and their friends for the school to display. Lindsey Lazopoulos, VP of Campus Life, asked about the rules regarding photo content, “Are beer cans okay? Is a picture of Michelle [Diamond] shotgunning a beer okay?”

Calvin Sun replied that it would be okay since “Dean Quigley gets drunk at the senior dinner.”

It should be noted that Michelle wasn’t there to defend herself. As Alidad Damooei had noted when he opened the meeting’s proceedings, she was in LA.

Donna Desilus and Glenn Thompson, working in conjunction with ESC Academic Affairs Rep Samantha Wilner (who also couldn’t make it to the meeting) introduced a proposal (which went on to unanimous approval, as proposals usually do) for professors to turn in booklists in the middle of the semester, thus increasing the availability of used books at the CU bookstore.

Also, as you have have noticed, the election is in full swing. Below are important dates and after the jump is the debate calendar for CCSC:

Sunday April 6 

CC’11 Debate

John Jay


Monday April 7

CC’10 Debate

Schapiro Lounge


Wednesday April 9

CC’09 Debate

Wien Lounge


Sunday April 13

At- Large Debate

Schapiro Lounge


Monday April 14

CCSC Debate

Wien Lounge


Tuesday April 15 

Moratorium On Campaigning


Wednesday and Thursday, April 16-17

Election Days

Low Plaza

9am – 7pm

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  1. Anonymous  

    eric sun? haha, eric wang is the other asian guy on ccsc.

    oh martha, to a trained eye asian people do look different from each other. :)

  2. Anonymous  

    p.s. all of that was supposed to be off the record.

  3. Hmmm  

    I once knew a guy unfortunately named Eric Shen. (say it out loud and you may get it)

    As to on and off the record, you have to say "this is off the record" before you start saying anything.

    And if there is a 3rd party ie an observer in the room they are not bound by on and off the record and they can talk to the press about whatever they like.

  4. question?  

    if an election is running uncontested, who do they debate?

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