Damn Yankees

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Today is final opening day at Yankee Stadium, as the team will be moving to a new stadium across the street in 2009. The Yankees will be playing against the Toronto Blue Jays starting at 1:05 PM. Reggie Jackson will be throwing the first pitch, and there will be all kinds of opening/closing ceremonies. 

If you want to play hooky (and you don’t mind the rain), you still have a few hours to get to what will probably be a very crowded game. Bring a raincoat and a tolerance of false nostalgia.



  1. DHI  

    Meanwhile, at the first opening day(night) at Nationals Park, Ryan Zimmerman hit his fourth career walk-off homer to beat the Braves.

  2. alexw

    Bulldoze that hellhole. Do it with the fans inside.

  3. The King of Spain  

    And Jean Nouvel won the Pritzker prize for mind-fucking us with awesome buildings.

  4. alexw

    Goddamn, why are you so stupid? I picture you sitting at your computer staring blankly and then screaming at the screen whenever you find a string of words that you don't understand. Do you seriously need the meaning of a joke to be carved backwards into your motherfucking forehead so you can read it when you look in the mirror?

    Sometimes people have larger forces in their lives than what baseball hats they wear. If people are willing to move to a country that doesn't speak their language, then maybe it isn't that big of a deal for a person to move to a different northeastern American city for his college diploma.

    (Oh, also, while Alex Rodriguez was taking a break from injecting steroids into his eyeballs to bitch about his contract, my team was busy winning the World Series on the backs of a 5'9" second baseman and a centerfielder most well known for winning America free tacos.)

    • to be fair

      i'm just playing up the racist meme because of that hilarious 3 paragraph reaction--i thought two WS were supposed to have made sawx fans less grumpy and angry?

      • EAL  

        Au contraire, two World Series wins have made Sawx fans into what Yankees fans used to be, i.e. spoiled assholes expecting to win the Series every year and mocking their rivals (the Yankees) when they come up short. What's funny is that the Yanks fans don't really care for the Sox, but the Sox fans center their entire sports livelihood on hating the Yankees. You're in much greater danger wearing a Yankees hat in Fenway than if you wear a Sox hat at the Stadium (unless of course you choose to sit with the Bleacher Creatures). In short, Red Sox hatred towards the Yankees is much greater than the other way around.

        Now for the sake of hypocrisy, Go Yankees!

    • 18-1  

      while you were still reveling in the Red Sox' third World Series win in 90 years, my Giants were stomping on the souls of your Patriots.

      (To be fair, the Giants only had 3 Superbowl wins...but the Yankees still had 26 WS wins...therefore NY still >>>> Boston)

  5. mat

    1. Yankee Stadium is a fair park that has the nostalgia factor itself as the best thing going for it.
    2. Fenway is awesome. I hope they never tear it down. Even if the fans are unbearable (which, fortunately, they themselves are beginning to realize).
    3. Ryan Zimmerman is the man.

  6. Well,  

    In case you feel like playing hooky tomorrow, game has been postponed till then.

  7. The Dink  

    well, my Cubbies lost again...I will hold no hope for this in hopes of that being some sort of reverse thing that helps us out. Actually, we might be solid again this year. But I will hold no hope. Or maybe I should. There are too many possible jinxes. Fuck look what my allegiance to the cubs has made me...too superstitious to say anything rational. I'll just watch and hopefully the season will end in tears of joy, not rage.

    • Bob Dylan  



      We carried you in our arms
      On Independence Day,
      And now you'd throw us all aside
      And put us on our way.
      Oh what dear daughter 'neath the sun
      Would treat a father so,
      To wait upon him hand and foot
      And always tell him, "No"?
      Tears of rage, tears of grief,
      Why must I always be the thief?
      Come to me now, you know
      We're so alone
      And life is brief.

      We pointed out the way to go
      And scratched your name in sand,
      Though you just thought it was nothing more
      Than a place for you to stand.
      Now, I want you to know that while we watched,
      You discover there was no one true.
      Most ev'rybody really thought
      It was a childish thing to do.
      Tears of rage, tears of grief,
      Must I always be the thief?
      Come to me now, you know
      We're so low
      And life is brief.

      It was all very painless
      When you went out to receive
      All that false instruction
      Which we never could believe.
      And now the heart is filled with gold
      As if it was a purse.
      But, oh, what kind of love is this
      Which goes from bad to worse?
      Tears of rage, tears of grief,
      Must I always be the thief?
      Come to me now, you know
      We're so low
      And life is brief.

  8. Jumbo Fries are Evil

    I think the Yankees will win the division as the Red Sox will get kind of tired of winning so much.


  9. all y'all


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