Music (and food) on the Ramps!

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Currently, a guitarist and a bald tenor are singing outside of the Lerner Piano Lounge, attracting onlookers from all around.  Upon approaching the scene, the fragrant smell of free food grows and one finds uniformed Housing and Dining people sitting around trays of deliciousness. So far the troubadour has serenaded Fair Alma with “A Whiter Shade of Pale.” Twice.  

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  1. um...  

    unless he rewrote the lyrics, it's "a whiter shade of pale."

  2. JJV  

    Indeed, corrected.


  3. voltage source  

    What kind of food is it, JJV? I stick my nose in your eyee for not mentioning it earlier.

  4. what happened  

    to the story on the elections timeline that was here a minute ago

  5. why  

    did you post an image of ionesco's bald soprano?!? am i missing something...

  6. spooooooooky  

    itunes switched to procol harem right as i got to the "a whiter shade of pale" part of this post. and its on random! oooohhhhhh

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