New Freedoms from the Library Bureaucrats

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An anonymous tipster reports that as of today, the Columbia Music and Arts Library is now allowing undergraduate students to actually check out (as in, take them home) CD’s and DVD’s for up to two weeks, as opposed to only being allowed to sit around on the 7th floor of Dodge inconspicuously ripping classical, jazz and new music recordings to your computer.

Of course, this also means you can sob to those five-hour opera DVD’s of Tristan and Isolde — or if you so please, chapters 1-12 of R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet — in the peace of your own dorm room. Alas, no word yet on chapters 13-22.

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  1. hellz yes.  

    i hope we cover R Kelly in music hum!

    hummers, compare hip-hopera with opera seria.

  2. bridgetwithmidget  

    Wait, what are you talking about? Trapped in the Closet 13-22 came out a while back, on DVD ( as well as streaming online (

  3. wait a sec  

    our library has trapped in the closet on dvd?! how have i not heard this before.

  4. r kelly  

    Is "TIC" supposed to be a joke, or did R. Kelly produce it with serious artistic intentions?

  5. Meh

    You can still get all the CDs and DVDs you want from the NY Public Library. And if they don't have what you want at the branch near campus, they will have it sent there from another branch for free.

  6. Oh clio!  

    Subject: Adultery--Drama

  7. liz  

    i will only be impressed if r. kelly's other foray into film becomes available at butler...although it is technically illegal to have, it is of significant cultural importance

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