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for these opinions were chosen specifically because they were not timely.  Something tells Bwog that Aristotle would not have enjoyed his name next to this picture.

We’re all part of Columbia!  Yay!

Wait up guys, John Adams was President?  Somebody should publicize this fact on an HBO miniseries

The words of a sage: “This is part of a general theme: the administration generally does what it wants. Sometimes that coincides with the Council’s wishes.”  

People have strong opinions about gentrification in West Harlem?  No…


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  1. The Observer

    Did "Josh Hirschland for CCSC President!" disappear?

  2. what?

    The speaker disdained “Chinese men” as “the new Jews of Africa” and termed the city as “Jew York City,” a place run by “so-called Jews.” According to the New Black Panther, the rezoning signifies a removal of the neighborhood from its people’s hands, similar to Manhattan “being taken by white men from our indigenous brothers and sisters.”

    While displacement is inevitable, that doesn't mean I think it is a good thing, except maybe for the speaker of this quote and the 'New Black Panthers'

  3. Anonymous  

    Ethics Beyond Aristotle? What in the name of heavenly glory is that supposed to mean? That there is something deficient in Aristotle? That tiny blurbs which make standard arguments with no reference to any theory whatsoever somehow goes "beyond" Aristotle? I tell you, we'd all be a lot better if we read alot more Aristotle.

    No, seriously, this was good editorializing indeed, but get rid of the lame title.

  4. Aristotle

    Ethics beyond me? That is crazy!

    I suggest that essay be more NORMAL, the golden mean between CRAZY and ILLOGICAL

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