A Trickster’s Delight: April Fools’ Media Roundup

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For many journalistic and Internet-based enterprises, April Fools’ Day provides that one day out of the year when uptight journalists and uber net geeks can leave behind the utter seriousness of their jobs for just a short while to participate in unscrupulous knavery. As such, today’s day of banter and fun has seen a spattering of tricks across the web, as jovial jesters worldwide let loose with their friendly deceits.  Here the Blog (ahem Bwog) offers a quick roundup of the days best fourberie.

Never turn in a paper late with Google’s new gmail addition.  Who ever thought you could learn to live with time stamps?  Best part, your CC professor is going to love you!

Retroactive time stamps not enough for you?  Well, Virgin Corporation and Google collaborate to form Virgle, to send you to Mars.

Mars isn’t cool enough for you?  Then join your NYU counterparts on the moon.

Jezebel decides it is now a credible journalistic source.

YouTube gets in the habit of Rickrolling.

Because we all love the IRS come tax time. 

Buy your favorite Bear Stearns gear on eBay for more than the price of a share of stock in the company.

And of course our favorite here at Bwog: Hawkmadinejad lives! (Or does he?)

Bwog tipsters, if any other Internet chicanery of the day may have caught your fancy please feel free to send in a tip to [email protected] so that we can put it up for your enjoyment pleasure!

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  1. Surprised  

    I'm surprised no one from the Obama camp leaked an April fool's story to a media outlet claiming Hillary had dropped out. That would have been awesome.

  2. asadf  

    Pretty sure that the gmail feature is an April fool's prank.

  3. another prank  

    Webcomic fans may have noticed that questionablecontent, qwantz, and xkcd switched urls today.

  4. and..  

    Bwogs header

    The bLog

  5. also  

    this myspace page http://www.collegehumor.com/aprilfools08 came up at collegehumor.com

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