Breaking: A Hero, Fallen

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Bwog staffer Anna Corke just sent in the following statement:

“I was walking on Amsterdam by the underpass and saw a bunch of people huddled around something. When I finally got close enough to see, it was OUR HERO! I’m so sad, guys… actually cried. I can’t believe he’s dead. Anyway, I took a picture, don’t know if this is too insensitive to post. Somehow I think he would have wanted people to see his carcass, since he was so open about his killings in life.”

Still no word on the cause of death of our dear friend and hero. We’ll update as more information comes in. If you’d like to share your grief with us, we’ll be having a vigil at sundown at the sundial.

Picture posted after the jump (don’t click if you don’t want to see!)



  1. i saw it

    it was a squirrel on the grassy knoll!

  2. oh no!  

    what happened??? bwog, find out!

  3. wtf  

    sand? where the hell is sand on this campus?

  4. Anonymous  

    April Fool's? I hope?

  5. gasp  

    bwog, you are CRUEL!!!

  6. As if...

    Hawkmadinejad is even mortal.

    Hawkmadinejad doesn't go hunting, he goes killing.

  7. GAAH!!  

    Way to worry me to bits, for nothing!!!

  8. The Dink  

    now that's what April Fools Day is all about! Along with beer.

  9. huh  

    the BLOG?!?!?!

    WTF... oh April Fools...

  10. Lol

    Thank god it's a joke :) Relieved!

  11. bwog  

    i am deeply disturbed by this "humor." what we need is light humor on a day like this.

  12. bwog

    Not funny, you sick sad bwoggers.

    Hawkmadinejad is somebody's baby!

    Stop making a mockmadinejad out of this majestic creature.

  13. im too easy.  


  14. anon  

    when i started reading this, i thought it was in reference to the MTA subway hero. i clicked on "read more" fully expecting to see a dead (human) body.

  15. ideas!  

    i think it would have been funny if bwog had changed to banner to "the spec" for april fools


  16. the hawk is dead  

    i saw it happen

  17. that is totally  

    april fools.
    theres sand next to the damn bird

  18. Sartremadinejad  

    L'hawk est mort - vive l'hawk!

  19. Hawkmadinejad  

    Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

  20. i've said it before,  

    and i'll say it again: bwog has too much power.

  21. may hawkmadinejad  

    wreak revenge on bwog for this misbegotten post. one does not trifle with the raptor and escape unscathed....!!!!

  22. Suggestion

    Bwog, I think you should remove that exclamation point at the end of "don't click if you don't want to see"

    It's just a bit too gleeful not to lead to an April Fool's Joke.

  23. elna  

    not cool bwog, not cool

  24. really  

    this is an april fool's joke? people would actually be concerned if a hawk was dead?

  25. Alidad  

    As your school president, I promise that nobody will ever toy with your emotions. Before we start respecting each other as human beings, we need to start respecting those creatures who do not have a voice.

    -----Connect Columbia 2009---------

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