Bacchanal ’08: Not Just The National and Grizzly Bear

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2008’s Bacchanal has been announced and a (mostly) complete schedule has been released. In addition to performances by Grizzly Bear and The National, this year’s festivities will include stand-up comedy by Greg Giraldo, an outdoor screening of Planet Earth on the Low steps for which absolutely no one will arrive stoned, and a Hawaiian Luau.

If you couldn’t tell from the indie rock, Hawaiian luau and stand-up comedy, this year’s theme is “Bacchanaliens.” “Fun has landed,” proclaims Bacchanal’s flyer; without an article, without a doubt.

UPDATE 8:04 PM: The outdoor screening of Planet Earth is on 4/20. Best. Bacchanal. Ever. (Thanks commenter no. 5!)

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  1. gzus  

    anyone know when/where tickets go on sale?

  2. Anonymous  

    Greg Giraldo, nice.

  3. Giraldo  

    Columbia alum. More importantly, hilarious.

  4. MilkMan  

    I am excited for this. Yes I am. Yes.

  5. did you know  

    the outdoor screening
    of planet earth
    is on 4/20

  6. Planet Earth  

    Are they playing the WHOLE DAMN DOCUMENTARY??

    Fuck pot, more like, "...for which absolutely no one will arrive tripping face"

  7. Planet Earth planner  

    We will be showing a 5-episode marathon of Planet Earth

  8. dude (cc '09)  

    freshman year they showed half-baked on the steps on 4/20. now THAT was the best 4/20 ever.

  9. ...  

    what's the deal with this bbq/beer on the lawn thing i keep hearing about?

  10. planet earth  

    Watching Planet Earth "stoned" is a waste. I expect acid coming out of everyone's ears.

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