BREAKING: Damooei Issues Counter-Challenge

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As we reported earlier
, CCSC presidential candidate George Krebs challenged his opponent, Alidad Damooei, to a basketball showdown which was to be played this Friday in Dodge. As we also reported earlier, Krebs threatened that Damooei and Connect Columbia “be there or be square.” 

Neither there nor, arguably, square, Damooei has re-buffed Krebs’ basketball throwdown with a counter-challenge: “If we are going to play a game, let it be for a good cause and a fair fight. Let us join together in the spirit of community service. On Saturday night between 6 and 9PM, the Blue Key Society is doing a spelling bee for charity. You have to raise $30 to sign up a team of 20. You bring a team and I bring a team. This way, we can promote this service project and have our competition serve a good cause.”

Oh, shit. Counter-challenge: issued! What say you, Krebs? Or rather, what spell you? Damooei’s full email after the jump.

Dear George and Experience Columbia,
  At first when I heard about this, I thought you were probably taking a page out of the Hilary Clinton playbook with her April Fool’s bowling challenge to Obama. But, apparently you are serious. While it is true that Jenn played varsity and Veronica dates a basketball player, I still think that Obama fairs a better chance at beating Clinton with his 37/300 than we do playing basketball. After all, you are all on average a foot taller than us and we know you’re a basketball addict
  I would prefer for us to focus on the issues that are affecting this campus rather than playing a game. Obama’s bowling skills don’t really have much to do with his ability to lead this nation and your basketball skills have nothing to do with your ability to deliver on the promises in your platform.
  But, if we are going to play a game, let it be for a good cause and a fair fight. Let us join together in the spirit of community service. On Saturday night between 6 and 9PM, the Blue Key Society is doing a spelling bee for charity. You have to raise $30 to sign up a team of 20. You bring a team and I bring a team. This way, we can promote this service project and have our competition serve a good cause.

Alidad, Jenn, Cliff, Veronica, and Donna

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  1. hmmm  

    I don't like to spell and I don't like to play basketball... glad I'm not running for student council.

  2. Anonymous  

    George is quite irresponsible in his challenge. I think that Alidad has done a wonderful job of shifting the responsibility of community service onto the candidates. It's this type of forward thinking that should convince you that I am the best candidate to lead Columbia's student body. Alidad really cares about the world around him. This is great evidence to support that. Vote for Alidad.

    -----------Connect Columbia----------

    • yourquiteannoying  

      I don't know what type of Columbia student would post something like that on a site like bwog, but if that's the type of person who's voting for connect columbia, they don't have my vote. I'd rather vote for somebody who doesn't take the time to use silly games as an example of their "forward thinking".

    • Uhmmm...

      Okay, either that was someone pretending to be Alidad and then posting as Alidad, or it was Alidad. Which kind of makes me take back any kudos I was about to give for getting out of the basketball game.

  3. DHI  

    Come on now, I would rather watch basketball than a spelling bee.

    Yeah I know all you suckers loved that movie Spellbound. Well fuck that, SPACE JAM!

  4. DHI  

    I see there is already a picture of Space Jam.

  5. EAL  

    I'd like to see George go up against Alidad in squash. Could be epic.

  6. DHI  

    Also, Obama would SCHOOL either Clinton in basketball.

    Obama/Bradley: the real dream ticket.

  7. Alidad  

    You should come support the candidates. I invite one and all to this spectacle.

  8. Let's not forget....  

    The Blue Key Society endorsed Connect Columbia. George, don't accept this - a game needs to be run by someone nonpartisan.

  9. alexw  

    Obama - wegoplayhoop.net

  10. duh  

    Alidad should take the basketball challenge, lose gracefully, and win some pity votes. They can charge admission and donate it to charity or something if they want to be all socially conscious and stuff.

  11. ...  

    The should play 4-square on the plaza.

  12. i say this  

    whooooooooooooooooooooo cares?

  13. basketball  

    is better for the sole reason that it's physical and we might actually get to see Krebs or Alidad take this seriously to the point that they actually fight each other

  14. Ludicrous  

    Ludicrous redirect. Raising $30 among 20 people? Balls.

  15. difficult to tell  

    i feel that if the one named alidad really is him, he would have included his email. i guess it's just a supporter who doesn't understand the deep intricacies of bwog's comment tracking.

  16. although,  

    in the "anonymous" comment the writer uses "I" by mistake...which would lead one to think it's alidad except that he's not the type of person who makes such careless mistakes. i guess in the end it just doesn't matter though.

  17. Revolutionary Idea  

    do both.

  18. Alidad Damooie  

    Okay people, I'll make my first bwog post here. Regardless of who you choose to vote for, it is a good idea to support this sort of a challenge. We don't take it extremely seriously since the all important job of the president encompasses more than baseball. I respect George, but I think that the Columbia community should focus on the candidate of substance and not flashiness.


  19. George Krebs

    Alidad, grow up and let's play ball...

  20. Not George Krebs

    See how easy it is to pretend you are somebody on facebook...... Let me tell you, as number 23, i can tell you that was not George Krebs

    P.S. I doubt #22 was Alidad either since I don't think Damooei would mis-spell his own name...

    • Not Not George Krebs

      To add to my last post... if you track number 22, 7 and 2, you'll see they're all the same person...

      This obviously isn't Alidad... this is somebody trying to make him look like a douchebag the way Mark Johnson made himself look like an idiot a couple days ago

      And even more amusing is the fact that it is somebody who doesn't even know how to spell alidad's name...... whoever you are, keep your day job and don't ever try to be a conman

      • George Krebs  

        Wait, this is so unfair. Obviously, #22, 7, and 2 really ARE Alidad, and he's misspelling his own name in order to make people think it's someone posing as him. That's going to garner a lot of sympathy votes, and I for one won't stand for it. I see right through this shameless ploy!

        And if you have any doubts, just remember the Ciceroan maxim, and ask yourself, "Who would benefit from making those false comments?" Alidad Damooei, that's who.

  21. Rick Ross  

    Y'all be right man. I ain't no Alidad. I'm Rick Ross, trying to be real surreptitious like. I just wants to let youse know that Alidad be a righteous cat. He is sweetness.
    George is good too. Im gonna vote for whoever wins the ballgame.

  22. george kreb sucks  

    ass and does nothing. Y

  23. ugh  

    what a goody-two-shoes counter-challenge. boring.

  24. basketball  


  25. anonymous  

    alidad was the president of the club and really just wants people to pay for his club

  26. CC Student

    I love my school. A spelling challenge to determine the presidency?? This is fantastic.

  27. Cliff Massey  

    is amazingly cool.

  28. bullshit  

    just play bball, alidad. are you scared? no athletic talent? why you do you feel it necessary to deflect an honest and fun challenge into something that would benefit a club you were once president of? that's pretty self-severing. just have a good time and show the campus community you do more than sit on your ass and study/think of "new" policy.

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