Free Back Rubs in Wien Right Now

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Stressbusters, the student massage team, is in Wien Lounge from 12:00-1:00PM today doling out free mini-back rubs. It’s their weekly “Wind Down Wednesday”—what, haven’t heard of it? WDWs have been happening with semi-regularity for a while now, but quietly, in the hidden reaches of Lerner 7.

A widely sent e-mail from Residential Programs guru Darleny Cepin publicizing this week’s WDW, and the relocation of the event to a place where students sometimes go, are both good things. And even if there’s no happy ending, there will at least be a happy middle to your day.



  1. HAHA  

    that is the best, really the only, picture that could have gone with this story.

  2. WDW  

    At more than one of the pornographic sites of which I frequent, Wednesdays are also known as Whack Off Wednesdays.

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