Springtime Photo Essay: Safari of Knowledge Edition

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This afternoon, Bwog took a leisurely stroll to admire the baked goods at The Bake Sale of the Year. The immodestly named pastry exchange was set up just inside the Barnard gates. Featuring treats from Nussbaum, Westside Market, Silver Moon Bakery and some other neighborhood haunts, the proceeds of the sale benefit the CARE organization. Bwog stood by as a crowd of about ten stormed the bake sale, thrusting dollar bills at the overwhelmed-looking Barnard girls on the other side of the register. The bake sale will continue until 3 PM today.

Deeper into the dark heart of the Barnard campus, Bwog noticed the Barnard mascot Millie, an anatomically-lacking golden-brown bear, climbing a tree in front of Lehman library. At the bottom of the tree, a videographer stood fixated on Millie’s struggle up the tree. Apparently reaching a suitable branch, Millie pulled out what looked like a course-packet and began to read. The videographer, clearly satisfied with Millie’s posturing, turned on his camera and crouched on the ground.

Still deeper into the recesses of Barnard, deep underground and through the tunnels to Milbank, Bwog finally reached the registrar’s office. Of interest to any forgetful or indecisive Barnard students: Though today is the deadline to declare a major, there is no penalty (financial or academic or otherwise) for declaring after today. Bwog continues to be “undecided” and decided to remain so for a little while longer.


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