Better than Free Food!

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Yes, it’s free money to buy food! According to two eager-to-email passersby, Starbucks representatives are giving away $5 gift cards in front of Lerner. Bwog remains perplexed, and skeptical of tipster Ben Isham’s explanation that this “string-free free money” is “part of a promotion to ‘educate’ students about how their parents can reload them monthly.” Regardless of stodgy-hearted Bwog’s trepidations, undercaffeinated opportunists are encouraged to mob any Starbucksers who may remain on campus.

UPDATE 4:10 PM: On a somewhat related note, first ice cream truck of the season spotted on 112th! Photographic evidence after the jump.

Photo by Hillary Busis

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  1. they have  

    been at it this entire week!

  2. I just got  

    $20 of free gift cards!!!

  3. it's true!

    i got one and got coffee with it!

  4. i saw  

    the first ice cream truck at least a week ago outside the gates.

  5. anon  

    it was some kind of promotion to get your parents to automatically refill your starbucks card monthly. and the cards actually had money on them! 10 bucks : D

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