BREAKING: Possible Bomb Threat at Pinnacle

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In the past 15 minutes, Bwog has been deluged with news of an evacuation at Pinnacle that happened between 12 and 1 a.m. Apparently, the soggy pizza peddlers have been threatened with a bomb. Tipster Miriam Manber relays that the NYPD is caution-taping the restaurant off; Vedant Misra tells of four squad cars surrounding the eatery. Regular Bwog jokester Alex Weinberg reports that cops on the scene looked “bored” and shrugged the incident off as an “ongoing investigation.”

According to roving reporter Justin Goncalves, police were investigating what the proprietor of Pinnacle called a “suspicious package” incident. According to the owner, Justin reported, a man in the eatery had been acting strangely around a suitcase. He added that Pinnacle employees had vacated the premises and that cops looked to be taping off the rest of the block–between 115th and 114th– as well.

UPDATE: First overheard at the scene:

“I hope it’s a bomb. And it blows up. Because I do not like Pinnacle and I want a new restaurant to go there.”

UPDATE 1:46 AM: A cop on the scene informs Bwog that a suspicious package was discovered several hours ago at Pinnacle. “We’re just investigating,” she said, ushering Bwog down 116th and away from the police tape.

We’ll be updating as more information rolls in.

UPDATE 2:18 AM: The firetrucks, EMT squad, bomb robot and police cars start rolling away. It’s all over folks. And the cause of such commotion? The ever-so-suspicious package? A bag of cameras.

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  1. Barnard Student

    How could anyone say such an awful thing about Pinnacle? I eat 80% of my meals there!

  2. !!!!!!!


    (good to be back :)

  3. !!!!!!!

    I fail :( bad to be back.

    80% of your meals there? Do you take up half the sidewalk on your way there?

  4. AAAAH  

    We're all gonna diiiiieee!

  5. seriously  

    thanks for the updates, bwog. we're watching them tape off broadway at 116th from our window.

  6. green  

    pinnacle pizza is NOT soggy. yum.

  7. 2:28am  

    They just removed the tape that was blocking off both lanes of Broadway at 116th and the fire truck that was there, as well as an ambulance and all the police cars have left. My roommate and I went down earlier to ask someone what was going on and all we received was a polite but brief reply that they'd gotten a call and they were going to "keep us safe."

  8. DHI  

    Aiyo so:
    1) A bomb threat is something kids used to use to cancel school when they had a test. Ain't no bomb threat ever been anything.

    But I think the phrase "bomb threat" also refer to the possibility of a bomb rather than an explicit threat.

    2) I saw something being loaded into an ambulance on a stretcher that was the basic shape of a person; this might have been a separate thang though, a CAVA or whatever, because nobody seems to be hurt in this.

    3) Dude probably stole them cameras.

  9. DHI  

    Or, he was gonna fence em or something, holding stolen cameras or whatever.

    Could be has was just scared someone was gonna jack him for his cameras.

  10. love that  

    I can rely on bwog for info like this, because I was really curious when no one would tell me what had happened.

  11. DHI  

    Also, could just be a bunch of shit on the stretcher that wasn't a person, since it was mostly covered up.

  12. yesss  

    prank cava'ing random sober asian people on your floor is the new bomb threat

  13. Alidad Damooei  

    As your president. I vow to make campus security our number one priority. We are in a struggle against people who want to threaten our way of life...our freedom. Without campus security, men, women, children would not be able to safely eat at Pinnacle. A vote for my opponent is a vote against the existence of Pinnacle.

  14. Pigeon  

    Maybe you haven't tried Pinnacle pizza.

    p.s. Whether garbage is soggy or not, it's still garbage.

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