Eyepoke: High Culture / Low Culture Edition

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Now what, pray tell, is a “confetti canon”?

Sweet Valley High exegesis

Campus-themed haiku: Bwog rip off? 

You know, provocateurs who insist that “gore-porn” is art aren’t really that provocative anymore.

Overdosing on analysis, not drugs: yes, that’s what Columbia and Harvard bands do. 

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  1. tkc

    The Kitchen Cabinet would like to set the record straight. We did not take our name from Abraham Lincoln. The term "Kitchen Cabinet" is the brain-child of one, Mr. Andrew Jackson following in the wake of the Eaton Affair.

    We will view any further acts of journalistic aggression and misrepresentation as outright declarations of war. Tread lightly, Spec. Tread very lightly.

  2. uhh

    Parker Fishel isn't CC '09. Good factchecking on The Eye's part.

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