Quickspec: Imbalances of Power Edition

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6,000-strong superclass vs. the rest of us

The Abyssinian Development Corp. is mean to little old ladies with doctor’s appointments

Student councilmen (promise to) wrassle 7% from the cost of your packaged Lit Hum and CC book sets

Quirky DJs decimate listening audience

Art tussles with hate, apathy 



  1. john stamos

    nicely said about wbar (that, according to wbar.org, turned 15 this week). easily one of the best groups going at this place and a real shame that more people don't check it out.

  2. Annoyed Junior  

    Campaign promises are great and all, but I object to having my student fees used to subsidize textbook purchases for underclassmen. There are roughly 2000 people who take either Lit Hum or CC each year. With a box set for each semester costing in the neighborhood of $100, that'd be about $400,000 in boxed set purchases each year if every student took advantage of them. Realistically, let's say only half of all students actually buy the boxed set. That's $200,000, meaning a 7 percent subsidy is going to be approximately $14,000.

    Now, $14,000 is kind of a lot in student fees. It's more than the annual budget of all but a handful of clubs on campus, and it's more than $3 from every member of the College. It's money that will not benefit juniors and seniors in any way, shape, or form.

    If the administration were going to spend money out of its funds for an initiative like this, I'd support it. But directly spending the student money allocated to the councils on something that does not have the potential to benefit all students is unfair and a poor indication of financial priorities.

  3. cyang  

    True that. Alidad, why counter the good deed you've done with the new pass/fail policy with this textbook subsidy nonsense?

  4. WBAR  

    that was such a great article about such a great place!!

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