QuickSpec: Kneel Before Spec’s Work, Ye Mighty, And Despair! Edition

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OzymandiasAriel Hudes pluralizes “Roar, Lion, Roar“. And, for that matter, uses it in a column. In all caps. As the last line.

“Street names [sic] carved by old cow trails.” Talking about… Boston? London? Oh, um, Staten Island. Cow trails? I bet that fact came from a book.

Spec boldly asks a question nobody has ever asked before, ever: “Is this really art?”

An AdHoc founder compares AdHoc to the French Revolution. Um.

Eager not to be one-upped, Jordi Reyes-Montblanc calls Columbia “a great institution endowed by God with powers and privileges beyond mere mortal men and women of the blue collar working kind.” Quick, somebody give him an editorial position. Or at least a column.

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  1. gender?  

    jordi is male

  2. Bwog...  

    Isn't this the Day of Reckoning?

    For housing, I mean?

  3. oneupd  

    not wanting to be oneupd? oneupd.com

  4. alexw

    Every Ariel Hudes article reads like an Onion op-ed.

  5. does anyone know  

    when housing is posted?

  6. Hmmmm  

    As a native Staten Islander, I'm a little confused about the "noiseless, empty" streets. Did that Spec writer actually go to Staten Island? The traffic is terrible, and the streets are filled with huge, gas-guzzling SUVs.

  7. i don't know  

    whether ariel hudes or the copy editors are responsible, but it truly makes me sad that spec is talking about a "right of passage"

  8. The King of Spain  

    Can we stop to discuss how Jordi Reyes-Montblanc has simply gone off the deep end?

  9. adhoc

    to be fair, the adhoc founder was merely taking on another absurd suggestion - that her magazine was like barack obama's campaign. while fighting metaphorical overreach with even greater metaphorical overreach hasn't traditionally been the most successful rhetorical strategy, bwog ought to have given her slightly more rope here.

    for the record, though, I always found adhoc's entire premise absurd. "progressive" voices don't need an outlet at columbia; they shine through in virtually every publication by default.

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