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As our tipster notes, today is the first of two Days on Campus, and Columbia’s crawling with prefrosh and their parents. Here’s a choice quote from the activities fair held earlier today in Lerner:

Columbia Student to a prospective student, while convincing him to sign up for a student group: So, where are you from?

Prospective Student: New Jersey.

Columbia Student: All right, dirty Jerz!

Prospective Student: Haha… yeah.

His mom, as the prospective student cringes: Actually, we’re from one of the most desirable counties in the nation.

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  1. Oy Vey

    Mommy needs to get a grip. And go home.

  2. so...  

    was she talking about Bergen County or Morris County?

  3. new jersey  

    yay bergen all the way!

  4. wow  

    ivy league parents from jersey can be elitist, film at 11

  5. question  

    I seriously don't understand what's up with Columbia students making fun of New Jersey. Is this a New York phenomena? Or maybe just a stupid one?

  6. nutmegger  

    everyone makes fun of new jersey

  7. Jersey resident  

    No, most young New Jerseyans (at least those from south Jersey like myself) poke fun at the "Jerz." There's something amusing/disturbing when you still see Confederate flags on pick-up trucks north of the Mason-Dixon.

    Obviously, those critical New Jerseyans have different reasons for invoking the "Dirty Jerzz," but it is certainly not something unique to expatriate New Jersyans at Columbia/in New York.

  8. student

    ... oh my goodness.

  9. the garden state

    is most definitely not new york. its a whole different world. you got rich douchebaggy suburbs, the ghettos of newark, trenton and camden. the former mafia run jersey city and hoboken which are now nicely gentrified. the meadowlands. then the shore. seaside heights, ocean city, atlantic city, cape may. those places are sights unto themselves. and then south jersey which might as well be mars.

    in conclusion, new jersey is a land of contrast.

  10. let's be clear  

    For all intents and purposes, South Jersey is an entirely different state than North Jersey, as demonstrated by the fact that in South Jersey the tri-state area is NJ, PA, DE, and in North Jersey the tri-state area is NJ, NY, CT.

    That people make fun of NJ is 100% the fault of North Jerseyans and Newark Airport. While South Jersey is the reason for the Garden State nickname, the miles of oil refineries conveniently located right outside the only international airport in the state have caused North Jersey's poor environmental and aesthetic conditions to lead the rest of the US who fly into or out of Newark to believe that all of NJ sucks.

    Hell yes South Jersey. Middle Jersey is okay too.

  11. i ldo ove  

    sojo. jerz is best south of the fort-dixon line.

  12. SAT much?

    NJ:NYS :: SI:NYC

  13. fail!@!  

    analogy doesn't work. SI is in NYC, NJ is not in NYS.

  14. who?  

    the fuck cares? nobody gives a fuck about America's shit stain (aka new jersey)

  15. North Jersey  

    north jersey and newark are the shit

  16. Tommy Cheeseballs  

    you guys are all bennys. seaside till i die.

  17. The Dink  

    New Jersey's Pine Barrens are beautiful and entirely unique in the world. Its impressive that the most densely populated us state has held onto this treasure. My home state, Illinois, has destroyed all its unique ecology...the great American prairie that once boasted wolves, grizzlies, cougars, and pronghorn... Not to
    mention sweet timber rattlesnakes. Now its corn and soybeans.

  18. The Dink  

    But Illinois still rocks jersey any day of the week. If I was from southern Illinois I'd say its because Illinois is SO ILL...but I'm not, so I'll just say that we bring the illinoize. Chi-town for life. And for pizza.


  19. lolol  

    that's pretty funny

  20. why is there  

    so much security in jersey?

    It's the Guard-in state!

  21. nooo  

    you're disgusting

  22. Listener  


    Mother: "Tell me, do the custodial staff vacuum the students' rooms?"

  23. Anonymous  

    first of all, there is no middle jersey.

    second, the mason dixon line extends through south jersey, and there are a lot of hicks who rep the confederate pride.

    south jersey and north jersey should split across the trenton/princeton area.

    who the fk says bennys? they are shoobies.

    though its good to get out of jersey, that place and its government is going to hell in a handbasket

    • Southernor  

      The mason dixon line does not extend through south jersey. It is on the Maryland/Penn border, then actually goes south around the southern tip of delaware.

      Of course, where I'm from, we consider Interstate-10 to be the real Mason Dixon line. We still call Arkansas, Missouri, Tenn, Kentucky, and the northern half of all the gulf states "yankees".

      • EAL  

        You've got to be kidding. Clearly Virginia and the Carolinas are part of the South as well, both geographically and culturally. If you excluded everything north of I-10, you'd be cutting out all of Georgia and most of Mississippi. If anything I-10 should be used as a "second Mason-Dixon line," since South Florida is really no longer a Southern state; neither, for that matter is South Texas. Though the fabled Line itself should be moved further south, since Northern Virginia and most of Maryland is so full of northern transplants it could hardly be called "Southern" today. The same could be said of most of North Carolina's Research Triangle.

        Virginia FTW!

        • meh

          well, being 100% cajun, we don't like to associate with northern louisianians (non French-speaking Protestants). If it snows where you live more than once every 10 years, you're a yankee, plain and simple. That is what I was taught.

  24. you don't know squat  

    There most certainly is a Central Jersey. Somerset, Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, etc. All 1 to 1.5 hours away from New York Shitty. The Jersey jokes are tired and old. If only you could see how many of your fellow city residents clog up the state on the weekends and make mass transit a nightmare...

  25. Anonymous

    I went to South Jersey once. Brad Paisley was playing and there were mullets everywhere. It was scary.

    -Former Bergen County resident

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