1. hmmm

    free convicts, man.....

    I'm not sure if they're giving away convicts, or if they're in support of liberation

  2. XJE  

    Some construction guy probably just left the control panel (see the silver rectangle at the base of the sign?) open. Once you get physical access, it's pretty much just a keyboard:

  3. looks like  

    De-constructionism to me!

  4. often at crack del  

    it's been in this state for months.

  5. wtf  

    is going on near the sundial right now? Is this Days on Campus stuff?

  6. Pigeon  

    Is Signs and Wonders a book by Franco Moretti?

  7. something  

    is fucked up. Those are supposed to be "Frederick Douglass", "Construction
    and "Manhattan"

  8. shoot  

    i thought it was advertising free condoms...

    o wait, we have go ask alice for that

  9. Bob Dylan  

    Free the fee
    Free the cons
    Fee the cons, the cones
    My Icons
    Free My Icons
    Free My Icons, Man
    [harmonica solo]

  10. lisp  

    (cons victs free)

  11. alexw

    It actually went "FREE MAN CONS."

  12. la story!  

    The talking billboard in LA Story!!

  13. Dr. Breen

    Esteemed journalistron "alexw" is correct, it read "FREE...MAN...CONS..."

    Proving that Gordon Freeman, THE ONE FREE MAN, is close at hand.

  14. obviously  


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