15th Annual WBAR-B-Q Lineup Announced

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The lineup for Barnard Radio’s annual outdoor BBQ and concert has been announced in an email from Milano Chowkwanyun, the Co-Promotions Director of WBAR. The show will take place on Friday, April 25th (on Barnard’s lawn, Nexus be damned) and will feature the following: 

Wizards of the Coast


Food Will Win the War


Thee Yetis

Les Sans Culottes


Tickley Feather

Crystal Stilts

Cause Co-Motion

Awesome Color




Plus, the titillating promise of a “special guest.” Ampire-vay Eekend-way?

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  1. Win Butler

    Why isn't Takka Takka listed?

  2. wait  

    wizards of the coast? a band named themselves after magic the gathering?

  3. Win Butler

    And isn't it on the 26th?

  4. Win Butler

    Bwog --

    Can't be Vampire Weekend. They're at Coachella that weekend.

  5. fan

    Pretty impressive lineup. Dunno how good Japanther's gonna be outside of a dark, enclosed space, but Videohippos and Takka Takka are both money. Great job BAR!

  6. hniuk  

    wizards of the coast is queerz

  7. the  

    special guest is Daft Punk

  8. yesss  

    megafun is kind of akron/family and awesome!

  9. GROUPIE  


    aesthetic sense rox my sox!

  10. who  

    said takka takka was playing? not on that lineup.

  11. also  

    win butler is a talentless hack

  12. me wants  

    the kitchen cabinet!

  13. Win Butler

    Takka Takka has the date listed on their myspace. They're going on after Daft Punk. Does anyone know what time Daft Punk goes on?


  14. mek

    why can't they have a jam quartet or something? I can probably pick 5 people out of a lineup of 10 and have better sounding music than some of these guys

  15. this is not  

    the time/ place for kitchen cabinet and secondly, vampire weekend played the bbq last year.

  16. meh  

    I heard that they are having a Vampire Weekend tribute cover band - "holidays for werewolves" or something like that. Should be rockin.

    • Campire Beacon  

      The cover band is actually called Campfire Beacon and they are pretty good. They even dress up like all the boys in the band and talk like them. Sometimes, it is hard to tell the difference between these amazing cover artists and the artists they are imitating. If one looks closely, however, the difference is obvious.

  17. Yeasayer  

    Can we get Yeasayer in this lineup? Pleeease?

  18. Conor  

    This lineup blows in comparison to recent years.

  19. yeasayer  

    is pretty lame.

  20. nah  

    these bands simply haven't gone on to become as popular as the bands you probably recognize from recent years' lineups, young freshman or sophomore

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