CCSC E-Board Endorsement Round-up

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endorseWith only a week more of campaigning left, both CCSC E-Board candidates are starting to gather up endorsements. While Spec, Christian groups and other heavyweights have yet to back a candidate, Camp Krebs got a big boost with a CU College Dems endorsement. Alidad countered with BSO’s first ever endorsement and is currently leading Krebs in Greek endorsements 2-1 (Alidad is a member of Beta). 

The Arab and Muslim student groups are following former MSA President Adil Ahmed in supporting George while Korean student groups are doing the same for Jen Choi and Alidad. More endorsement gossip to come later in the week–so fret you not. Full endorsement list to date are after the jump.


Experience Columbia


Progressive Jewish Alliance

Kingsmen A Capella

Muslim Students Association

Pi Kappa Alpha

Turath: Arab Student’s Organization

Columbia Chess Club

Columbia University College Democrats 


Connect Columbia

Columbia University Performing Arts League

Black Students’ Organization

Korean Students’ Association

Blue Key Society

Sigma Delta Tau

Beta Theta Pi

Students for North Korean Awareness

Columbia International Relations Council & Association

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  1. Krebs is a fraud?  

    Does it matter that George Krebs is campaigning on his success with off-campus flex but he completely slacked off on that project and it was actually Peter Valeiras that did the entire thing?

  2. EAL  

    Add Psi Upsilon to the list of Experience Columbia supporters. We gave him the endorsement last week.

  3. LE:MON Party!  


  4. Question

    Is the LE:MON Party really running? If so, why haven't they been included in anything?

  5. also  

    Zamana has endorsed Experience Columbia

  6. krebs is a creepy  

    man. i realy don't like door-to-door campaigning and the last thing i needed on a sunday night was to have him show up and question me awkwardly for five minutes. ugh

  7. AMSA  

    The American Medical Students Association (AMSA) just endorsed Experience Columbia last night.

  8. oh good christ  


    endorsements for student council? i hope they all get eaten by cats.

  9. I can't be  

    Am I alone in not giving a damn about student council or its elections?

  10. Krebs  

    Rips down campaign posters. I think that is a campaign no-no?

  11. beta?

    a frat really endorsed someone? and people are supposed to care about that? really?

  12. Jeez  

    what's with the Krebs media hit-job? I highly doubt Krebs was going around taking down posters. Who paid you to say that?

    And it's funny that ConnectColumbia's endorsements come basically exclusively from groups their members are involved in. I hope these candidates stay true to the issues instead of getting wrapped up in political pettiness for the rest of the campaign.

  13. Alidad Damooei  

    Does George really tear down posters? if he did, that would be horrible. It's important that we run a fair and balanced campaign. I don't believe that my opponent would ever commit such an atrocity. He stands for the American way.

  14. LE:MON Party!!!  

    Colin Drummond is a hero to us all.

  15. DHI  

    I endorse Colin Drummond for President of the class of 2009.

    Ya'll should listen to me for the following reason: my view on this issue is correct. QED!



  17. hmmmmmm.....

    Al Gore's endorsement still surprisingly awaits.

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