Political Weekly: All Quiet on Every Front

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Jim Downie’s Political Weekly returns to its regularly scheduled broadcast time with a campaign trail synopsis that doesn’t involve George Krebs or Alidad Damooei.

As elections draw nearer, the candidates continue to slog it out on the campaign trail. The whirlwind schedule of endorsements, media, flyering, and stumping becomes even more repetitive to both the candidates and their audiences. Though there’s a certain thrill for the candidates, everyone looks forward to the day when the results are finally in.

But enough about CCSC elections (ba-dum-cha!)—let’s talk about the presidential campaign. Just over two weeks away from “The End” version 3.0 (Pennsylvania on April 22), with promises that, barring complete Sptizer-esque meltdown, there will at least be “The End” version 4.0 (Indiana and North Carolina on May 6), the campaigns continue to slog through the most remarkable election in recent memory. Seriously, if you’re not excited by this never-ending campaign season, then…well, then you’re probably normal. And now, the news:

Friday Night Tax Returns: After weeks of speculation by the media, and weeks of pillorying by Senator Barack Obama’s campaign, Senator Hillary Clinton released her (and her husband’s) tax returns. Much to the media’s collective shock, they’ve actually made money from book deals and Bill Clinton’s speaking fees (SNL‘s take on their money here). 

The Soft Drink Is Better Anyways: Unfortunately for Obama, there probably won’t be a student SURGE for him in Pennsylvania.

The CBS Fridays at 10: As always, numbers from Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Indiana, and national polling are available here, here, and/or here.

McCain-Rice?: Speculation grows that current Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is interested in the vice-presidency. John McCain claims this is news to him, but he said that while yet again looking for his keys (yes, it’s a memory joke).



She Also Wants Us To Skip Ping-Pong: Clinton calls on the president to boycott the opening ceremony of the Beijing Games.



Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out: Major personnel moves in the Clinton campaign, as chief strategist Mark Penn was demoted over the weekend. As a major architect (if not the major architect) of her campaign strategy for years, this signifies a huge shake-up. More recent reports clarify that he is still playing a major role in the campaign, though.



What Could Be: Actually, there’s almost no chance that the Democratic convention will shake out the way former West Wing writer Lawrence O’Donnell envisions it, but it’s a great read anyways.


What Might Have Been: In a New York magazine interview, Spike Lee ponders what role his movie Do The Right Thing played in Obama’s romantic life. He also has some harsh words for Hillary Clinton and her African-American supporters.


Stuck Without A Hot Tub Again: The real incentive to hold crucial primaries? Prime hotel spots for your delegation at conventions.





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