QuickSpec: Makin’ it public

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restroomFor those still pondering how to make it public, Spec suggests communication!

Unveiled: the next tourist trap will be the George Washington Memorial…Lavatory?

ESC Candidates make their platforms public so that you can’t vote for them.

Next year, a large particle accelerator will be made public and according to a Princeton professor, “might make dragons that might eat us up.”

Jagger enlightens us on the differences between IMAX and other movie formats, “It’d be very larger.”


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  1. actually not true  

    the current ESC elections are open to the entire SEAS student body; only the e-board elections are internal.

  2. i don't  

    quite get how a comp-lit major in the Barn can claim to be a lover of physics.

  3. whoa  

    what's up with ssol class registration? either i'm retarded or this thing isn't working too hot

  4. alexw

    I don't really think that the LHC is being "made public." I mean, it's been publicly known about for a long time and it will be publicly accessbile never.

    By "made public" do you mean "activated?"

  5. alexw

    Discoe, I hear you're majoring in puns.

  6. Please  

    Vote Brian Pan for SEAS Senate! Rajat Roy is a mudslinging booty pirate!

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